Tržič – the Shoemakers Town

I currently live in a very small charming village called Čadovlje pri Tržiču, the closest town is about 10-30 mins walk downhills.

Tržič is a small town of approximately 15.000 inhabitants, northern side of Slovenia, near the borders of Austria.

One thing I absolutely like about Tržič is that it’s famous for its shoes industry- for a girl, this information is very important!

Tržiški muzej – The Tržič‘s museum

The Tržič‘s museum has an interesting collections of different objects that are part of Tržič‘s tradesmen’s history.

Shoesmaking, leatherworks, wheelcraftings exhibitions (and more) can be visited there.

When I visited the museum, I was greeted by an nice English speaking guide – who also maintains the place.

The Peko Shoes Factory and Outlet

Peko shoes factory – a well known shoes brand through Europe, is situated in Tržič. Having a shoes factory in town means that the newest collection will be there first, the outlets sales will have the more choices of style and sizes.

Peko also makes unique shoes model for fashion show and they sell them afterward at a very affordable price, usually size 37-38 (but that depends on the model’s size). I got a pretty, unique and all leather pair of shoes for only 20€!

The outlet also have sales pretty often – imagine finding a pair of leather shoes that you will absolutely love for under 20€ – isn’t it just simply wonderful! Sometimes, the Peko outlet also sells their “defective B” shoes model at a fraction of the normal price. It’s worth visit Peko shoes factory once in a while!

Updates June 2016 – I am sad to announce that the Peko Factory is now closed.

The Brodi Slippers Shop

In Slovenia, it’s part of the culture to offer a pair of slippers to guest when they visit you – not in our farmhouse but at least in most household.

Brodi is famous for their slippers in Tržič. They make handcrafted leather slippers for toddlers who learns to walk, for children as play shoes in kindergarten and for adults to be worn in the house. They also make other leather products such as belt, wallet, pouches and bags.

Once I saw a very original pair of sandals on their website, but when I got to the shop, they were sadly sold out. The owner then told me that he could make an unique pair, just for me, with customized size and colors if I wanted to. Guess what my answer was? Yes, please!

The vision at Brodi is to create handmade slippers for every customer, because everyone is unique. If you pass by, you should go have a look – their patterns are very creative and special!

The Shoemakers Sunday – Šuštarska Nedelja

Every year, on the first Sunday of September, there is a local fair in Tržič called Šuštarska Nedelja – the Shoemakers Sunday.

Huge sales at Peko (and tons of people) and lots of small kiosks full of products on the streets and through the old town. The main street is closed to traffic – so it’s safe for kids. Some stands are cooking golaž – a traditional Slovenian stew. Usually, a mobile attraction park with games for kids is also there. Fairs are entertaining and fun – it is also a good way to discover traditional Slovenian products.

If you’re nearby that day, be sure to walk around.

Of course, Tržič is not all and just about shoes – there is also others point of interest worth checking.

  • Dovžanova Soteska – The Dovžan Gorge, mineral and fossil’s hiking path.
  • RIS Dolina – The Fossil Exhibition, a collection of all minerals and fossils in the Dovžan Gorge.
  • Kurnikova Hiša – The Kurnik House, an architectural heritage of Slovenia right at the corner of one of Tržič‘s main street.
  • Staro mestno jedro Tržiča – The Old City Core of Tržič, iron gates with rosettes can be admired. The last Curiosity Window can be seen on Koroški 1, which allowed women to peek outside without having to open the window.
  • Memorial park Mauthausen, the only concentration camp in Slovenia.

Tržič is a very small town – compared to Montreal, where I am from, but in term of history, Tržič indeed has more noticeable ones.

If you decide to come by, let me know what you think about Tržič through the comment box!

Until next visit,

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