Remembrance Day of the Dead

In Slovenia, every first day of November is the Remembrance Day of the Dead – dan spomina na mrtve, or also known as the Day of the Dead – dan mrtvih.

It is a state holiday and many Slovenians take the opportunity to go visit their beloved ones at the graveyard.

Floral arrangements and candles are put in front of the tombs as a token of their visit.

This is a traditional and important celebration in the Slovenian culture.

Curious as I am, I also looked up the Christian calendar because Slovenia is mainly Christians and Catholics. I found out some interesting things.

November 1rst is also a Church holiday – the All Saint Day.

It’s a celebration for all the Saints, but especially for those who does not have their own “Name Day” – therefore does not have a feast day devoted to them.

Name Day

You might be wondering what exactly is a “Name Day” – originating from the Christian calendar of Saints, every day is associated with a specific Saints feast day.

In older tradition, believers who were named after a Saint, would also celebrate on their Name Day instead of their birthday.

That means, the All Saint Day is to commemorate all Saints, but it is also to offer a feast to all other Saints that are not in the Christian calendar of Saints.

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