Country, Nationality and Language

Here’s a list of

  • Country – Država,
  • Nationality – Narodnost (Male and Female form),
  • Language – Jezik (used after govorim – I speak)
DRŽAVA – Country NARODNOST – Nationality JEZIK – Language spoken Translation
Anglija,Velika Britanija Anglež, Angležinja angleško England,Great Britain
Avstrija Avstrijec, Avstrijka nemško Austria
Egipt Egipčan, Egipčanka arabsko Egypt
Filipini Filipinec, Filipinka tagalogsko Philippines
Francija Francoz, Francozinja francosko France
Hrvaška Hrvat, Hrvatica hrvaško Croatia
Italija Italijan, Italijanka italijansko Italy
Japonska Japonec, Japonka japonsko Japan
Kanada Kanadčan, Kanadčanka angleško, francosko Canada
Kitajska Kitajec, Kitajka kitajsko China
Madžarska Madžar, Madžarka madžarsko Hungary
Nemčija Nemec, Nemka nemško Germany
Rusija Rus, Rusinja rusko Russia
Slovenija Slovenec, Slovenka slovensko Slovenia
Španija Španec, Španka špansko Spain
ZDA Američan, Američanka angleško USA

Obviously, my list is not complete yet.

If you want to know how to say your country, nationality or language in Slovene, please leave me a request in the Memento box below and I will gladly add it to my list!


5 thoughts on “Country, Nationality and Language

  1. Hi Anna! Can you please include alsoon your list how to say my country- (Philippines), nationality- (Filipino) and my language- (Tagalog) in Slovene:). Thank you!


  2. Živjo Anna!
    I’m trying to learn Slovene all by myself and your site helps a lot 🙂
    I was just wondering how you translate Belgium, belgians and Dutch to the slovene language?
    Najlepše hvala!


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