Introduce Yourself – Basic

Slovene is a very polite and specific language.

  • It has a two forms of speech Formal (F) and Informal (I).
  • It differentiates if you are referring to a Male moški (m) or Female – ženska (ž).

Formal Speech is expected to be used for first meetings and during formal occasion (like during a business conference, meeting the parents or in Court).

If you are talking with your friends, you can use the Informal Speech.

And if you are not sure which form of speech to use, use the formal one – it’s better to be more polite than too friendly.

Introduce Yourself

  • Kako vam je ime (F) / Kako ti je ime (I)? – What is your name?
    Jaz sem Anna
    – I am Anna / Ime mi je Anna – My name is Anna.

Normally, after your interlocutor has introduced himself or herself, you would say:
me veseli – nice to meet you.

  • Od kod ste (F)/ Od kod si (I)? – Where are you from?
    Jaz sem iz Kanade, iz Montreala – I am from Canada, from Montreal.

    If your country name ends with an “a“, it changes into “e“. [A⇒E]
    If it doesn’t end with an “a”, then you add an “a” to it. [no A ⇒ add A]

    Check Country, Nationality and Language to make your own introduction.

When travelling in Slovenia, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with few basic greetings and pre-made sentences to go around. If you can master them, the Slovenians will be very impressed!

Don’t worry, more to come!

Se vidimo – See you,


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