Dovžanova Soteska – The Hiking Path

For hiking lovers, walking through the Dovžanova Soteska – Dovžan Gorge is a must. It’s situated near the town of Tržič and begins at the village of Čadovlje.

Yesterday, we had a decent amount of sun, so we decided to do a small lazy Sunday walk in the Dovžanova Soteska

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We walked, following the road till our favorite bakery Slaščičarstvo Cerkovnik, then turning left at the bridge. And there’s another historical site: Jamenšnikova domačija in Paštba.

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As the sign says, the Jamenšnikova domačija in Paštba is one of the very few preserved architecture of the Karavanke region in the surroundings. Its paštba – a small place that was used to dry linseed, hemp and fruits, is also the only one preserved around Tržič.

We took the small path of the right side and made a small hike up. The paths follow the water flow of the Tržiška Bistrica nearby and gradually, lead us to better views of the mountains around. The rocks along the paths, known as Travis Breccia, are minerals that have been formed 267 millions years ago. You can easily be find and see them: they look like a conglomerate of round rocks. The Dovžanova Soteska is well-known for its geological path.

Dovžanova Soteska - The Bridge with Leaves

Beautiful Bridge and Fallen Leaves in Dovžanova Soteska, Slovenia

Walking up, taking pictures, breathing some fresh air, then we reached a beautiful wooden bridge, crossing over the Tržiška Bistrica and back to the main road.

Dovžanova Soteska - The Water and Tunnel

Beautiful Water Stream with the Devil’s Bridge in Dovžan Gorge, Tržič

At the top right corner, you can see a glimpse of a famous tunnel that goes through the rocks (it’s a little scary to walk there, but it’s safe), the road lead to the village of Jelendol.

Map and more information can be found on the Dovžanova Soteska Official Website (in Slovene).

Thanks for accompanying me through my refreshing hike! More photos can be found in my Gallery.

Until next post,

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