The Full Moon in Slovenia

Full Moons are often associated with Werewolves in tales and such – in Slovenia, Full Moon – polna luna is actually a real thing.

As the moon reaches its full phase, you can notice how some Slovenians

  • become more forgetful,
  • tend to drive more aggressively,
  • experience incredible mood swings and more.

All these strange symptoms happen without any tangible and explainable reasons – but they do occur every full moon.

Strange, isn’t it?

The Lunar Effect

Some people (around the World) believe that the moon has a special effect on fertility, human’s behaviors or odd incidents – the lunar effect.

Some theories…

  • The full moon’s attraction has an effects on large body of water. Our bodies are mainly composed of body fluids. Therefore, some believe that the moon has an attraction on our body fluids, thus causing some of us to behave unusually.
  • Others think that the brightness of a full moon affects our sleep patterns, resulting in irritability and mood swings.

Although, scientists found no trivial correlation between full moon and the human behaviors – no increase rate of bad luck, failed surgery or oddness in the Emergency Room.

The Moon has often been a subject of mystery in tales and believes – good or bad.

Slovenians tend to believe a lot that the Moon does have some influences on the behaviors or… the Moon is just an easy excuse out.

If something odd happens in Slovenia, it wouldn’t be unusual to heard that the cause is the Full Moon – polna luna.

So, believe it or not? Share your thoughts on it.

Until next post,

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