Saint Nicholas Day is Coming!

The weather is getting colder and snow is falling – winter is coming. For the children, the most awaited celebration of the year is just around the corner.

In Canada, I celebrated Christmas with gift exchanges and family gathering, around December 25th. Here, in Slovenia, Christmas is also celebrated, but Saint Nicholas Day, which is on December 6th, seems to be more popular and traditional celebration.

It does make sense, since Slovenia is mostly Catholic.

The magic takes place the night before Saint Nicholas Day, on December 5th.

Saint Nicholas – Miklavž, and his devils – parkelj, is said to go around the houses and visit the children. Gifts will be given out to the children who have been well-behaving during the year, and for those who haven’t been, the parkelj would leave a rod on their doorsteps, for their parents to use to punish them.

And if they have been very naughty, rumors say that the parkelj would put them in a bag and take them away from their parents… which can be pretty scary for small children.

Some villages keep the festivities authentic by having a small group of people, disguised into Saint Nicholas and his parkelj and actually go visit children. Although, catching a glimpse of them doesn’t seem to be easy (as I haven’t seen them yet), but they are said to be pretty impressive – so it’s worth the hunt!

Happy Holidays Preparations! Have you been a good or naughty child this year?

Until next post,

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