Day 2 – Bled & Bohinj

I’m writing this post as being part of my series “Slovenia on Budget”, for those who likes to drive around and visit places but at an affordable price (or for free). Please note, this is about Places to Visit, and not accommodations or transports.

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Day 2: BledBohinj

Today we’re travelling to the Gorenjska region of Slovenia, situated in the Northwest part of the country. The biggest town is Kranj, but we’re not heading there this time.

Bled, the Fairy Tale Island

If you were visiting Slovenia with a tour bus, your guide will certainly bring you to Lake Bled. The view is simply breathtaking: a castle sitting on a rock hill, looking down on a lake with the sole island of Slovenia, topped with a Church. Isn’t it just simply beautiful?

Although, being such a touristic emplacement, spending will be hard to avoid, especially if you want to do the “normal” tourist routine: visit of the Bled CastleBlejski grad (9€), going to the Island with the Pletna boat (12€) and ringing the Bell in the Church of the Assumption (6€)…

We walked around the lake and took amazing photos, my parents were thrilled. We visited the Bled Castle because the view from above is a “must”, especially when you get a 50% off (we uses our Spar Discount Card). Once you’re in the castle, you MUST try the famous Slovenian Kremšnita, which is a cake pastry with layers of light cream. Yummm!

Delicious Slovenian Cream Cake, Kreamšnita, in a Paper Boat in Castle Bled, Slovenia

Delicious Slovenian Cream Cake, Kreamšnita, in a Paper Boat in Castle Bled, Slovenia

If you must pick one activity around Lake Bled, I would recommend that you go visit the Bled Castle and enjoy a Kremšnita (4€) while admiring the panoramic view of Lake Bled. Also, with your admission ticket, you get 1€ discount on food and in souvenir shop.

(For more details, you can check my post Lake Bled – the Fairy Tale Island.)

Bohinj, the Glacial Lake

Situated in the heart of the Julian Alps, Bohinj Lake is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. It’s perfect location for water activities: canoeing, rafting, kayaking, swimming and so on, although the water is usually colder than others lakes. Around the lake are hiking paths. All these activities are for free (if you have your own equipment)!

The Savica Waterfall is also close by, and it’s known to be the source of Sava Bohinjka. For a small fee of 2.50€, you can access the path to the Savica Waterfall.

You can also visit the 700 years old Church of St. John the Baptist, which is just next to the bridge.

The statue of the ZlatorogGoldenhorn, the legendary white chamois, can be find next to the Bohinj Lake. A summary of the Legend can be found on Wikipedia: Goldenhorn. Basically, the horn of the Zlatorog is the key to a hidden treasure in the area. A greedy hunter tracked down and shot the Zlatorog, but he revived by eating a magic flower, then he revenged himself and killed the greedy hunter.

A little Red Ant Climbing Wood in Bohinj, Slovenia

A little Red Ant Climbing Wood in Bohinj, Slovenia

My parents were satisfied just by walking around the lake, admiring the landscape and taking beautiful photos. Just being in the nature is such a wonderful feeling!

Bonus: The Stone Castle

Grad Kamen in Begunje na Gorenjskem |

Grad Kamen in Begunje na Gorenjskem

On the way from Tržič to Bled, you can see Mount Triglav, one of the symbol of Slovenia. You will also come across a hidden little germ at the entrance of the Draga Valley in Begunje na Gorenjskem: the ruins of the Kamen Grad, the Stone Castle. You can see the skeleton of the castle, which was built in the 12th century.

It’s a little excursion, although, the visit of the premise is at your own risk, so be careful if you decide to pass by.

Activities at Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj can easily take one whole day, but I usually decide to go to both lakes during the same day as they are “in the same area”.

So, did you have a swim in Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj? Let me know via the comment box, and thanks for reading my post. You can follow me to the next stop: Day 3 – Predjama Castle, Lipica & Piran, and be sure to look at my Gallery as well!

Let’s travel,

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