The Personal Pronouns in First Sklon – Nominative

Slovene might be a difficult language to learn, but thankfully, the pattern of Slovene verbs is not that hard to understand, but first, let’s talk about pronouns.

Personal Pronoun, the Subject

Most languages have the I, You, He/She/It in singular form and We, You and They in plural form. When the pronoun is used as a subject, the pronoun is in the First Sklon – Nominative.

Slovene is a very precise language, because it has a dual form and it also differentiates between female and male subject.

Singular Form – Ednina

  • Jaz (I),
  • Ti (You),
  • On (He),
  • Ona (She),
  • Ono (It).

Dual Form – Dvojina

  • Midva (we two males or one male and one female),
  • Midve or Medve (we two females).
  • Vidva (you two males or one male and one female),
  • Vidve or Vedve (you two females).
  • Onadva (they two males or one male and one female),
  • Onidve (they two females).

Plural Form – Množina

  • Mi (we males or males and females),
  • Me (we females).
  • Vi (you males or males and females),
  • Ve (you females).
  • Oni (they males or males and females),
  • One (they females).

At first, it might be a little confusing for the brain to decide which to use, but overtime and with practice, you will become an expert. Vaja dela mojstra – Practice makes perfect.

❤ You can start learning to Be – Biti in positive and negative form with the most useful Pronouns.

  • Jaz sem / nisem
  • Ti si / nisi
  • On, Ona je / ni
  • Mi smo / nismo
  • Vi ste / niste
  • Oni, One so / niso

I’ve noticed that many Slovenians forget/don’t use the dual form because  it’s more difficult. But if you think about it, after a few decades, the dual form might be completely gone, and I think that it would be very sad and hurtful. Therefore, if you really want to learn a language, learn it properly – while being practical as well.

If you have any questions, comments or other tricks, leave me a message!

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Let’s learn,

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