Hiking with the Cows

I went hiking with cows today!

This morning, we woke up early, dressed warmly, geared our mountains boots and headed out. We took a bumpy ride to the Planina in the tractor, with one task in mind: pick up our cows who spent the summer there.

The fog was thick and the air was cold. We had a warm meal upon arrival, then we gathered our herd and started our hike down.

Walking with Cows | AnnainSlovenia@wordpress.com

Walking with Cows

The tractor and one hiker were in the front, two hikers stayed on the side, two hikers closed the group at the back and we surrounded and guided the herd down.

After 2-3 hours hike, and meeting numerous cars on our way, we finally arrived on our lands. The road was difficult for the cows, as the asphalt was hard for their hooves, but they didn’t complain and did very well!

Now, our cows are happily eating grass and walking in our nice and green pasture!

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