Driving License in Slovenia

Hey guys,
I haven’t post much recently, as I am mentally preparing myself to do my driving license in Slovenia…

For those who knows me, in Canada, I did my driving class but only with automatic car… well, here in Slovenia, they don’t even have that option, so every class will be with a manual car… I don’t have enough words to express my worries… LOL 😥

If like me, you didn’t have your driving license before, you will need to redo from the start:

  • Do a Health Checkup at a clinic (40,00€ – prices might vary),
  • Attend a First Aid class and pass the Exam in Slovene (80,00€),
  • Enroll in a Driving School for a 20 school hours (45 mins = 1 school hour) theory class (50,00€), get your proof booklet that you attended (10,00€) and pass the Written Exam (in Slovene) on a computer program,
  • Enroll in a Driving School for the practical driving hours (50 mins each) with an instructor until you’ve completed all the required driving situations (i.e. parking, driving on the highways, driving for 2 hours straight, driving in the evening…), then what’s left is
  • Passing the Practical Exam (in Slovene) which is 3 parts: preparation for driving, driving in an empty zone then driving in the traffic.

I have just passed my First Aid in Slovene, it was a good revision of things that I already knew. I think that getting a Driving License might be harder in Slovenia, judging by the required driving situation such as driving for 2 hours straight and in the dark… (that got me a bit worried…) – I don’t remember having those in Canada (correct me if I’m wrong).

You can practice the Written Exam in Slovene on Učenje na Spletu – Varno v Prometu.

Anyways, it is a good start and I will see how it goes when I will be enrolled in a Driving School. The instructors must be very competent 😉 and I’m not a big fan of driving, so completing my Driving License will take all my determination and will.

Please cheer for me when the time comes!
Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Driving License in Slovenia

  1. Hey
    I’m ready to start getting the driving license in Slovenia and I wanted to ask you how did you manage the language barrier?
    Did you speak Slovene before?

    I know the theory test can be in English but how about the practical?


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