Understanding Slovenian Idioms #001

Mastering a language’s idioms (sayings, proverbs, expressions) is embracing its culture and traditions, as well as discovering the very essence of the language – learning Slovene is also understanding and using Slovenian idioms! ❤

  • Živeti na koruzi – To live in the cornfield
    It means “to live together in cohabitation” without being formally married, only for couples – it doesn’t actually mean camping in some cornfield.
  • Šel je po gobe – Went for mushrooms
    It can actually be used to express that someone went pickup some mushrooms in the forest, but the locals might misunderstand that the person has passed away… so be careful with this phrase.
  • Nedeljski vozniki – the Sunday’s drivers
    It doesn’t refer to people who are on the road during Sundays – at least not literally,  it actually means that the driver doesn’t drive very often (and has poor driving skills) and he usually drives when the traffic is more quiet (like on Sundays).

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Let’s speak like Slovenians,

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