Understanding Slovenian Idioms #002

An interesting way to discover Slovenia is through its idioms. Learning, understanding and using them are great ways to immerse into the Slovenian culture!

  • Zdrav kot riba v vodi – Healthy like a fish in the water
    It simply means “very healthy and lively” – like a fish in the water.

    Chinese equivalent: “龍馬精神 – long ma jing shen”, which means to be full of energy.

    French dissimilarity: “Être comme un poisson dans l’eau”, which means to be perfectly comfortable in a given situation.
  • Ne vreči puške v koruzo – Don’t throw the gun in the cornfield
    It means “don’t give up” – like when a hunter goes on a hunt, but hasn’t catch anything yet, he shouldn’t throw his gun away, in case some prey would come by!
  • Imeti slovnico v malem prstu – To have the grammar in the little finger
    It means to know very well your grammar – study well and practice often, we known how Slovene grammar can be tricky and one day you will be able to say “Imam slovnico v malem prstu“!

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Let’s speak like Slovenians,

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