How to Say Dates and Times in Slovene – Part 2

Ways of saying dates and times in Slovene is quite versatile and precise and it can be expressed with most of the skloni, except the Third Sklon – Dative. This post is the second part of How to Say Dates and Times in Slovene – Part 1.

Koliko (How much, how many, how long)

Koliko časa2 ste bili v Sloveniji5 (How long have you been in Slovenia)?

  • I have been in Slovenia for 3 years → V Sloveniji5 sem bila tri leta4.
    Dan (day), teden (week), mesec (month) and leto (year)

Kdaj (When)

Kdaj imate rojstni dan (When do you have birthday)?

  • Rojstni dan4 imam dvanajstega aprila(a precise date).
  • Rojstni dan imam danes.
    Včeraj (yesterday), danes (today) and jutri (tomorrow).
  • Rojstni dan imam spomladi* (during a season).
    Seasons: pomlad (spring) poletje (summer), jesen (autumn) and zima (winter).

    *How to refer to “during” a season: spomladi, poleti, jeseni and pozimi.

Kdaj je odprta pisarna (When is the office open)?

  • The office is open from 9:00 to 17:00 → Pisarna je odprta od devetih2 do petih2 .
  • The office is open in the afternoon → Pisarna je odprta popoldne*.
    Times of day: dan (day), noč (night), jutro (morning), večer (evening), dopoldan (before noon) and popoldan (afternoon).

    *How to refer “during” the time of day: podnevi, ponoči, zjutraj, zvečer, dopoldne and popoldne.

Kdaj ste šli zadnjič v kino (When was the last time you went to the movie theater)?

  • Last year → Lani.
    Lani (last year), letos (this year), prihodnje/naslednje leto (next year).
  • One week ago → Pred enim tednom6.
  • Last month → Prejšnji mesec.
    Prejšnji(m) (last), ta(m/ž)/to(s) (this) and naslednji(m) (the following, next).

These are just a few examples of the endless situations where dates and times are being used.

Expressing dates and times can sometimes be quite tricky in Slovene – the more you practice, the more comfortable you will be with the concept!

For more help or any comments , don’t hesitate to contact me by writing me a private message or via the comment box! 😉

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Let’s learn,

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