Greetings and Wishes for Special Occasions

There are specific greetings and different wishes that can be used on particular occasions. It is good to know them, either for traveling to Slovenia, for fun or to impress the Slovenian locals!


During holidays celebrations, we wish:

  • Vesel božič – Merry Christmas
  • Srečno novo leto – Happy New Year
  • Vesele praznike – Happy holidays
  • Vesele velikonočne praznike – Happy Easter

Life Events

For special life events, we wish:

  • Vse najboljše (za rojstni dan) – All the best (for your birthday)
  • Čestitam – Congratulations (graduation, wedding, winning an award…)
  • Srečno pot – Safe travel, Have a good travel
  • Bodi bolje – Get well soon, Get better soon

Everyday Use

Other greetings (beside the Basic Greetings) that we use every day:

  • Dobrodošli – Welcome
  • Srečno – Good luck
  • Na zdravje – Cheers (when you drink), Bless you (when you sneeze)
  • Dober tek – Enjoy your meal
  • Lep dan – Good day
  • Lepo se imej – Have a nice day

If there are other greetings that you want to know about or that interest you, just let me know!

Lepo se imej – Have a nice day,


2 thoughts on “Greetings and Wishes for Special Occasions

  1. Hi Anna! I’m a Brazilian, learning Slovene because my partner is also Slovenian 🙂
    I’m really happy to have found your channel on Youtube and this blog.
    Slovene seems a bit difficult for me as well. Webpages like yours help a lot though!
    Congratulations, you share your knowledge in a simple and organised way.

    Thanks for that!


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