Perfect and Imperfect Verbs Table

Here’s a list of

  • infinitive form of Imperfect verb – Nedovršni glagol
  • infinitive form of Perfect verb – Dovršni glagol

For easier learning, I’ve put the Imperfect on the left and the Perfect on the right with their respective translation.

IMPERFECT – Nedovršni glagol PERFECT – Dovršni glagol
brati (to read) prebrati (to read, to read through)
dajati (to give) dati (to give)
delati (to do, to work) narediti (to do, to make)
dobivati (to get many times) dobiti (to get)
gledati (to watch) videti / pogledati (to see / to look at)
govoriti (to speak) reči /povedati (to say / to tell)
hoditi (to walk) shoditi (to start to walk)
Iskati (to look for, to search) poiskati (to look up)
izgubljati (to lose) izgubiti (to lose)
jemati (to take) vzeti (to take)
jesti (to eat) pojesti (to eat up)
kupovati (to buy, to purchase) kupiti (to buy, to purchase)
metati (to throw) vreči (to throw)
obiskovati (to attend, to visit) obiskati (to visit)
odhajati (to be leaving) oditi (to do, to leave)
odpuščati (to forgive) odpustiti (to forgive)
opazovati (to observe) opaziti (to notice)
padati (to fall) pasti (to fall)
peči (to bake, to roast) speči (to bake)
pisati (to write) napisati (to write down)
plačovati (to be paying) plačati (to pay)
pogovarjati se (to talk) pogovoriti se (to talk)
prihajati (to arrive, to come) priti (to come)
pripravljati (to prepare) pripraviti (to prepare)
skakati (to jump) skočiti (to jump)
spati (to sleep) zaspati (to fall asleep)
ugašati (to turn off) ugasniti (to turn off)
vabiti (to invite) povabiti (to invite)
vstajati (to rise) vstati (to rise, to stand up)
zamujati (to be late) zamuditi (to miss, to be late)
zapirati (to close, to shut) zapreti (to close, to shut)
zbujati (to rouse, to wake) zbuditi (to wake)

This list is obviously not completed. If there are verbs you would want to inquiry about, leave me a comment or a message and I will try my best to add them.

Please note that some verbs are only perfect or imperfect, while others are perfect and imperfect.



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