Understand Slovenian Idioms #003

Exploring the Slovenian culture through its idioms and speaking Slovene like the locals are great way to discover the beautiful country of Slovenia.

  • Imeti mačka (or tigra) – To have a cat (or a tiger).
    It can actually mean that you have a pet, but most Slovenians will understand you’re having a hangover (cat) or a terrible hangover (tiger).
  • Vse je spavalo po vodiEverything fell into the water.
    It means that something that was planned is cancelled.

    French equivalent: “Tomber à l’eau”, which means pretty much exactly the same as in Slovene.
  • Živeti kot ptiček na veji – To live like a bird on a branch.
    It doesn’t refer that someone is actually living in a tree house – it means to be carefree or to be free.

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Let’s speak like locals,

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