Zip-line in Bovec: Challenge Taken!

Last year, as a wedding gift, we’ve received two lovely tickets for an amazing zip-line adventure in Bovec! For those who knows me, I’m not exactly an adrenaline seeker, I’m more the quiet reader type.

But since it’s a wedding gift, there’s no backing out, so on Friday, August 19th 2016, my husband and I decided to take on the challenge!

Adventure around Bovec

Located in the beautiful Soča Valley, Bovec is a very popular destination for adrenaline sports seekers. The town has many youth hostels as well as adrenaline adventure agencies.

Surrounded by the beautiful Julian Alps and nearby the famous Emerald river Soča, we decide to take a small walk around and take some (cute) photos.

We also visited one of the most magnificent waterfall of the region: the Boka Slap. Its flow rate is also the strongest in Slovenia, sourcing from the melting snow of Mt. Kanin.

Zip-line in the Krnica Valley, above Bovec

For our zip-line challenge, we went with Aktivni Planet, an agency that has organized adrenaline activities since 2002.

Helmets, gloves and harness were all provided by the tour.  We reached the start of the Kanin zip-line in 20 minutes bumpy jeep ride.

Before going on the “real” thing, our tour guide explained the rules to follow and the basic steps of zip-lining to ensure our safety during our flying time between Mt. Kanin and Mt. Rombon. We practiced on a training line until everyone got the basics correctly.  Then… off we go!

The challenge:

  • 5 wires
  • length: 3200 meters
  • height: 1300 meters above sea level
  • speed: 60-70 km/h

Flying down the first wire was simple unbelievable fun! All fears and worries evaporated and replaced by excitements and a surge of adrenaline. The second wire was in tandem, since it was the first one built in the area, it needed more weight to fly properly. The third wire was my favorite, as I didn’t except to fly through a narrow path between tall trees (just amazing!). The fourth wire was the fastest one.

For me, the last wire was the most scaring one, it was in a completely open area and height above the ground. Through the flight, I was also hit by small droplets of rain and a gust of wind, enough to send a little rush of panic! Nevertheless, I made it safely to the end, which made me feel absolutely awesome! WOOT!

Unfortunately, we didn’t take any photos of our zip-line challenge. 😦 We were afraid to lose our phones and decided to without carrying anything with us. If you’re seeking some adrenaline rush in Slovenia, I would totally recommend to go to Bovec, either for zip-line or rafting! It was a totally mind-blowing experience!

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “Zip-line in Bovec: Challenge Taken!

  1. Wow, I am impressed at how beautiful the river looks like! There are zip-lines, in forest, (my friends and I call them tree adventures) around Montreal region. Tried two (maybe three) places and it was great except they did not give you gloves… We learned the hard way and brought ours as our hands were in pain after all the courses (different levels of difficulties). Give it a try when you visit! 🙂


    • Sounds awesome! Although, trust me that this zip-line is nothing like the one in Old Port or those with tree climbing in Adrenaline Parks. It’s literally from one side of a mountain to the side of another mountain, hanging at 200m! We had gloves because we had to use our hand to create friction to be able to stop correctly. It was truly amazing! 🙂

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      • No, I didn’t do the old port one. Look too touristy.

        I would love to try your zip-line! Sounds fascinating and make me hope that I will not get stuck there if I go as I do not have enough weight from certain tree adventures (get stuck in middle and 3/4 of way on long zip-lines because not enough momentum even if I swing with all my force😫. So need to pull on cables lots in order to haul myself to the other side which means l need the gloves!)

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