Weekend near Sežana

A few weeks back, we spent a sunny weekend in the area of Sežana: attending the marriage of my friend from last year’s Slovene course with her Slovenian partner (woot!). We also took the opportunity for a small getaway and  celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

A weekend filled with Love ❤ and adventures!

First, we went Zip-line in Bovec for an amazing adrenaline adventure around river Soča, then settled in Sežana.

The Noble horses in Lipica

One of my favorite places in Slovenia is indeed Lipica Stud Farm, the oldest stud farm in Europe that breeds the prized “white” horses of Slovenia: the Lipicanec. The paths leading to the stud farm are surrounded by endless pastures where horses roam freely.

I just love spending quality time strolling near the pastures, admiring the beautiful Lipicanec and of course, taking photographs of them.

Štanjel, the old town on the hills

Another place that I wanted to visit again was the village of Štanjel, one of the oldest settlements in the area. Located on top of a hill, the village can be seen from afar.

In the 15th century, a fortified wall was built around the village to protect it during the Turkish Invasions. Nowadays, remains of the structure can still be seen. The Castle of Štanjel and the beautiful Church of St. Daniel are the main features of the village.

Walking through the very narrow streets of the village was really relaxing and lovely. From the top of the hill, the view of the surrounding Krast is also fantastic!

I had an awesome and beautiful weekend getaway, celebrating our first wedding anniversary with much love and many adventures. (And once again, congratulations to the newlyweds!!)

With love ❤ ,

2 thoughts on “Weekend near Sežana

  1. Anna,What is the the best slovene/english paper dictionary you recommend?  I have Dasa Komac, but it is missing words for example when I try to translate songs.  Is the online:

    ISJ ZRC SAZU: Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika bos.zrc-sazu.si/sskj.html The only complete source?  What about for slang, dialects or idioms? 

    Thank you for the great website,Dave


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