Understand Slovenian Idioms #004

One fun way to advance or master Slovene (or any new language) is to understand and use its idioms or expressions like the locals.

  • Konjiček – Pony
    It can mean pony (the animal), but usually it refers to a hobby. So, be careful of how you will answer when asked “kateri je tvoj najljubši konjiček?” – “which is your favorite pony?” 😛
  • Imeti krompir To have a potato
    It can actually mean that you own a potato, but when locals say it, it means to have luck or to be lucky (imeti srečo).
  • Tih kot mišQuiet like a mouse
    Same as in English, it means that someone is very quiet and makes no noise.

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Let speaks like Slovenians,

2 thoughts on “Understand Slovenian Idioms #004

    • “Imam srečo da živim v Sloveniji”, “Imam krompir” wouldn’t be used in this case, because it’s more for ” I got lucky”. For example, if you were hiking outside but manage to get to a shelter before a storm hits, then you would say “Imel(a) sem krompir” (past tense).

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