Supper at Hiša pod Gradom with Zvezdar

My husband and I often like to “last minute” date plan, either for eating out, shopping, movie night or day trip,  we rarely plan much ahead of time. We like to enjoy the spontaneous inspiration of the moment! 🙂

Zvezdar – Večerja pri mojstrih okusov

So, on a Friday evening, we decided to do an impromptu drive to Ljubljana. Eventually, we got hungry and decided to try our luck with out Zvezdar gift certificate: Večerja pri mojstrih okusov – a voucher for dinner at a selected restaurant, for two. We could choose from more than 30 Slovenian restaurants. Yum!!

Zvezdar Restaurants Presentation Booklet

Zvezdar Restaurants Presentation Booklet

Since we were already in Ljubljana, we decided to try a restaurant that was in the area. The booklet suggested that we have a reservation… but last minute as we are, we didn’t. We called a few place to see if we could get a table and fortunately, we managed to get a quick “reserved” table at Hiša pod Gradom, a restaurant just below the Ljubljana Castle.

Restaurant Hiša pod Gradom

Upon arrival, we were immediately seated. The restaurant was cozy and nicely lighted. The staffs were really friendly. Somehow, most of the guests didn’t seem to be Slovenians and the waiters spoke decent English. 🙂

At Hiša pod Gradom, the voucher was for an exclusive plate for two and glasses of wine (each restaurant has a different menu). Their menu usually changes with the seasons. (Our plate for two wasn’t on the actual menu.)

Menu for Two at Hiša pod Gradom

Menu for Two at Hiša pod Gradom (Sorry, photo taken with my phone…)

Main dishes: salmon filet, two tuna filets, four chicken filets in mustard-pepper sauce and chicken in mustard sauce, pršut-wrapped chicken. Side dishes: delicious vegetables and amayingly good potatoes fries.

Usually “plates for two” in Slovenia can feed like 3-4 people, but the portion at Hiša pod Gradom was perfect. We were very full but managed to finish everything, without wasting any food. 🙂

Glutton as I am, I peeked at what other people were eating. And I was quite excited to find out that all portions were gigantic and looked delicious. The prices on the menu were also very affordable!

Overall, we had an excellent food experience. Thanks to the voucher (and the person who gave it to us), we didn’t have to “pay” and got to enjoy an excellent evening together!

Until next time,

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