Mushroom-Picking in Slovenia

One of the most popular and healthy activities for locals is indeed mushroom-picking! Due to the three different climates (Alpine, Mediterranean and Pannonian) in Slovenia, a wide variety of mushrooms grow in abundance. It is a real paradise.

In Slovenia, most forest paths and walking trails are accessible to anyone, even if it is someone else’s property. Although, trespassing is not allowed if the property is fenced or marked otherwise with a sign.

During the mushroom-picking season, from the end of March to November, there is always a lot of Slovenians roaming the surrounding forests with bags or baskets, especially in the popular spot, such as Pokljuka, near Bled.

Obviously, not all mushrooms are edible. Mushroom-pickers are familiar with the various variety of mushrooms and they only select those that they know are 100% safe to eat. And be careful not to pick too much at once, as there is a limit of 2 kg per person!

Although, even if you don’t want to pick the mushrooms yourself,  you can still enjoy their delicious freshness by buying them from local markets.

Mushroom-picking is a very interesting and relaxing activity, but my husband and I are more interested into photographing those little natural beauty.

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