Personal Pronouns – All Skloni

As we know, nouns in Slovene are used in six different declensions, known as skloni. It is the same for personal pronoun. A little bit more complex than English, the main role of the Slovene pronoun is also to “replace” the noun by using a shorter version and avoiding the repetition of the noun.

All at once, the personal pronoun, osebni zaimek, can be quite difficult to remember. That’s why we will go step-by-step. Also, before applying personal pronouns for all skloni, I suggest that you be familiar with the use of each sklon (Learn more about Slovene Nouns & Pronouns).

Zx with the number of sklon in subscripts will be used to indicate the personal pronoun of that specific sklon.

Some personal pronouns has a long and short version.

First, Second and Fourth Sklon

By now, you should know very well what the Personal pronoun in the First Sklon – Nominative are, and I will use them in the table as a reference.

Table for Z1, Z2 and Z4:

Z1 Z2 Z4
jaz mene, me mene, me
ti tebe, te tebe, te
on / ono njega, ga njega, ga
ona nje, je njo, jo
midva / medve naju naju
vidva / vedve vaju vaju
onadva / onidve njiju, ju njiju, ju
mi / me nas nas
vi / ve vas vas
oni / one / ona njih, jih njih, jih

As you can see, most of the personal pronouns in  Second Sklon – Genitive and Fourth Sklon – Accusative are basically the same. The only difference is with ona.

Do you see the link: Ne gledam televizije2 → Ne gledam je2. VS Gledam televizijo4 → Gledam jo4.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Sklon

Z1 Z3 Z4 Z5
jaz meni, mi mene, me meni
ti tebi, ti tebe, te tebi
on / ono njemu, mu njega, ga njem
ona njej, ji njo, jo njej
midva /medve nama naju naju
vidva / vedve vama vaju vaju
onadva / onidve njima, jima njiju, ju njiju
mi / me nam nas nas
vi / ve vam vas vas
oni / one / ona njim, jim njih, jih njih

The personal pronouns in the Third Sklon – Dative, Fourth Sklon – Accusative and Fifth Sklon – Locative have a lot of similarities:

  • most of the singular person in Z3 and Z5 are the same and
  • most of the dual and plural  person in Z4 and Z5 are the same.

Third and Sixth Sklon

Z1 Z3 Z6
jaz meni, mi z menoj, z mano
ti tebi, ti s teboj, s tabo
on / ono njemu, mu z njim
ona njej, ji z njo
midva / medve nama z nama
vidva / vedve vama z vama
onidva / onidve njima, jima z njima
mi / me nam z nami
vi / ve vam z vami
oni / one / ona njim, jim z njimi

As you can see, personal pronouns in Third Sklon – Dative and Sixth Sklon – Instrumental have many in commons, but with a slight changes:

  • z / s is a preposition in the Sixth Sklon (careful with “s teboj, s tabo“) and
  • for the plural person in Zand Zare very similar, but in Zyou add an “i” at the end.

Here’s a table with the personal pronouns in all skloni:

Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6
jaz mene, me meni, mi mene, me meni z menoj, z mano
ti tebe, te tebi, ti tebe, te tebi s teboj, s tabo
on / ono njega, ga njemu, mu njega, ga njem z njim
ona nje, je njej, ji njo, jo njej z njo
midva / medve naju nama naju naju z nama
vidva / vedve vaju vama vaju vaju z vama
onadva / onidve njiju, ju njima, jima njiju, ju njiju z njima
mi / me nas nam nas nas z nami
vi / ve vas vam vas vas z vami
oni / one / ona njih, jih njim, jim njih, jih njih z njimi

I know it is a lot of material at once and I hope that I didn’t confuse you too much. But learning a new language, especially complex like Slovene, will take time and practice. Take one bite at the time 🙂

If you have any questions, comments or other tricks, please do share with me!

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Let’s learn,

4 thoughts on “Personal Pronouns – All Skloni

  1. Great post! One small nitpick — you put “z njima” for the instrumental the first time, although the combined table shows it correctly (z njimi) so probably just a typo!


  2. hello 🙂 I am new to the language and although a friend of mine has agreed to help me, I find it a bit confusing. Could you maybe recommend any exercises to practice the skloni i( personal pronouns) ?


    • Hey Maria, for a starter, I think that most of the “basics” things need to be memorized. And the best way to do so is repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat. I would say pick an easy verb, such as biti (to be) and repeat it out loud whenever you can.


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