Changing Roof in Gorenjska

Hey guys,
I’ve been quite busy recently. We just changed the roof of our nearly 150 years old house. Quite a huge renovation, I think the last change was probably 50 years ago… if not more… 😉

With renovations, one of the (less) fun part is probably shopping for contractors. After some research and asking around, we got a few offers but decided to go with KK OBLAK gradbeno in trgovosko podjetje D.O.O. –  as we only hear good things about them.

Honestly, I have to say that I have nothing to complain about them. They are quick, efficient, professional and consistently hardworking. They took care of everything and it was absolutely worry-free for us (as it should be) – they even managed to accommodate some last minute changes without problem.

I was really impress by their working speed. We got a completely new and beautiful roof of approximately 300m2 in 8 days (wooden pillars, balcony, everything)!

If you ever need to change a roof in the Gorenjska region, I would totally recommend them!

Admiring our new roof,

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