Featured on National Radio in Slovenia

Hey guys,

Fotolov near Bled

I was on Radio Slovenia this morning, on RTV SLO PRVI – Drugi pogled, a program that invites foreigners living in Slovenia to share their stories, anecdotes and thoughts about Slovenia.

When I got the invitation, I was thrilled, excited but also a bit nervous and worried… like “what am I going to say”… and in Slovene?!?

Although, at the actual “interview”, Andreja Gradišar, the reporter, was really nice and made me at ease instantly. Listen and read about my thoughts of Slovenia in Anna Giang iz Kanade (only in Slovene).

So, for those who heard me “talk” on national radio… my Slovene is far from perfect and I will probably still make make many mistakes for a long while. And, it’s totally fine! While learning a new language, I truly believe that it is:

Better to talk with mistakes than not talk at all.  🙂

PS – Am I the only one, but I’m always a little surprised when I listen to my own voice talking? 😉

Happy happy,

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