Going on an Exciting Life Journey

Sorry guys,
I know that I haven’t post in a while… but in the past months, my husband and I have been slowly preparing ourselves to begin a new life journey and adventure: Parenthood! 🙂

It sounds scary at first: diaper changes, sleepless nights and a lifelong worrying about their well-beings… But that’s what parents are. Parenthood is also such an emotional and exciting adventure! Witnessing their first smile, first step… their growing up, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow.

Being future parents, we will never feel 100% ready and prepared, but I have no doubt that we will do our best and do great! 😉

Meanwhile, I have been sewing many baby things: clothes, toys, blankets… and my husband has been doing some renovations for the nursery 🙂

So, if I am unable to respond or post as often, please do forgive me – you know that I am not slacking! ❤

Until next time,

5 thoughts on “Going on an Exciting Life Journey

  1. Congrats to you, your husband and your family! 🎉 One piece of advice : sleep when baby is sleeping! I really regret not doing so when bun bun was a baby and sleep is non existent when you chase after a toddler with a potential carrier in cirque du soleil… (My terrible two tries to drop her last nap of the day already and she succeeds sometimes… even if we try to force her to nap) Anyway, enjoy your new adventure!

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