Little Escapades through Slovenian Hospitals

Hey guys,
just a “quick” update – parenthood is keeping me quite busy 🙂 and I’ve visited three Slovenian hospitals ever since.

Bolnišnica za ginekologijo in porodništvo Kranj –  Hospital for gynecology and birth center Kranj

Living in the Gorenjska Region, two of the closest birth centers are Kranj and Jesenice. Even if the birth center in Jesenice got recently renovated, we opted for Kranj as it is slightly closer.

Me and Daughter

About a month ago I was scheduled for my third CTG – cardiotocography (as I was overdue) and I got hospitalized as my contractions were getting closer and more regular. Everything was doing well, but somehow I quickly ended up with a C-section.

My first night as a mother was in the intensive care, but I was able to see our daughter for a moment. I recovered quickly and on the next evening, I got transferred to a normal room and spent some nice mother-daughter bonding time. The staffs were really nice and helpful. Few days after, we got discharged for home.

Bolnišnica Golnik in Klinični oddelek za pljučne bolezni in alergijoHospital Golnik and Clinic for pulmonary diseases and allergy

Breastfeeding is never easy, especially at the beginning, but it does get better. And one day, I got a bad fever and felt extremely tired. I went back to Kranj for a check-up: probability of mastitis. I got a prescription of Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and developed an ugly skin rash reaction.

On the next day, I took an appointment with my new family doctor and he sent me to Golnik for an allergy check-up. They hospitalized me for 24 hours. The staffs were really nice and accommodating as I got a VIP single room and a baby crib for our daughter.

I got discharged with prescriptions and follow-ups at their clinic for allergy. The staffs were really nice, especially at the sight of our daughter 🙂 I’m glad the skin rash is now over.

Splošna bolnišnica JeseniceGeneral Hospital Jesenice

Meanwhile, my husband had a bad abdominal pain for two days… And on a Sunday morning, he went to the town clinic in Tržič, the on-duty doctor sent him right away to Jesenice for further examinations… and he got Appendicitis 😦

He got a surgery within the next few hours. It ended in the evening, but the staffs were kind enough to let me visit him, outside of normal visiting hours. My husband recovered nicely and got discharged two days after.

Honestly, I’ve never “visited” hospitals as often as in the last month (except for work). Being on the other side, as a patient, did feel a bit awkward.

What I’ve learnt from all these little escapades: the meals in Slovenian hospital are really delicious. I was surprised and impressed. It felt like a small but nice consolation for being hospitalized.

Now, we’re back on our feet, so no need to worry.
Until next time,

8 thoughts on “Little Escapades through Slovenian Hospitals

    • Yes, I am definitively better now! The breakfasts were bread with some spreads. The meals I got were golaž, enolončnica, fish roulade, pasta, svinjski pecenje… For hospital food, I think it was delicious.


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