Useful Slovene – in Healthcare Center

Being able to express yourself is very important, especially during “critical times” – such as in a healthcare center. Usually, staffs will know how to speak some English, but it might not always the case. Therefore, have a basic understanding of words and questions can be extremely useful.

Upon arrival at any healthcare center, you will probably need to fill a form or answer some questions . Here are some examples.


  • Kako vam je ime / Kako se pišete?  (What is your name and last name?)
    Ime in Priimek
    (Name and Last name)
  • Spol : moški  / ženska – (Gender : male / female)
  • Kdaj ste rojeni? (When were you born?)
    Datum rojstva (Date of birth)
  • Osebna izkaznica – ID card
  • Kje je vaše stalno/začasno prebivališče? (Where is your permanent / temporary residency?)
    Stalni / Začasni naslov – Permanent / Temporary Address


  • Ali redno jemljete kakšna zdravila? (Do you regularly take any medications?)
  • Katera zdravila jemljete? (Which medications do you take?)
  • Ali imate sladkorno bolezen? (Do you have diabetes?)
    težave s srcem (heart problems) / krvni pritisk (blood pressure) / bolezni pljuč (lung disease) / obolenja ledvic (kidney disease) / težave z želodcem (digestive problems / obolenja jeter (liver disease) / bolezni črevesja (bowel disease) / obolenja ščitnice (thyroid problems) / krvna oboljenja (blood disorder) / obolenja živčevja (neurological disorders) / hormonske motnje (hormonal disorders) / mišična obolenja (muscles disorders) / rakasta obolenja (cancer) / bolezni oči (eyes problems) / obolenja sluha (hearing problems)
  • Ali imate alergije? (Do you have allergies?)
    na živila (food) / na cvetni prah (pollen) / na penicilin / na aspirin / na kontrastna sredstva pri rentgenskem slikanju (radio-contrast agent for imaging)

Health Habit Information

  • Koliko ste težki / visoki? (What is your weight / height ?)
    teža (weight) /  višina (height)
  • očala (glasses) / slušni aparat (hearing aids) / zobna proteza (Dental prosthesis)
  • Ali kadite? (Do you smoke?)
    kadilec (smoker) / nekadilec (non-smoker)
  • Kako pogosto greste na blato? (How often do you have a bowel movement?)
  • Kolikokrat dnevno greste na vodo? (How frequent do you urinate per day?)
  • Ali dobro spite? (Do you sleep well?)
  • Ali doma jemljete uspavala? (Do you take sleeping pills at home?)


  • A imate dieto? (Do you have a diet?)
    brez sladkorja (without sugar) / z manj maščobami (less fat) / vegatarijanski (vegetarian) / z manj soli (less salt) / brez glutena (without gluten) / bogato z beljakovinami (rich in proteins)
  • Kaj radi jeste? (What do you like to eat?)

Signs and Symptoms

  • Kakšne težave imate? (What problems do you have?)
  • Ali vam je slabo? (Do you have nausea?)
  • Kako se počutite? (How are you feeling?)
  • Ali imate vročino? (Do you have fever?)
  • Ali kašljate? (Are you coughing?)
  • Kakšna je boličina? (How is the pain?)
  • Ali imate težave pri dihanju? (Do you have problem breathing?)
  • glavobol (headache) / slabost (nausea) / bruhanje (vomit) / bolečina (pain) / utrujenost (tiredness) / motnje vida (vision problems) / zmedenost (confusion) / ohromelost (numbness) / kašelj (cough) / oteklina (swelling) / omotica (dizziness) / krvavitev (bleeding) / izpuščaji (rashes)

Indeed, this vocabulary list doesn’t cover every situations. Therefore, if there are others words or questions that you would like me to add, please let me know.

Corona-virus is now present in Slovenia, what you should remember are the signs and symptoms:

  • vročina (fever)
  • kašelj (cough)
  • težko dihanje (difficulty breathing)
  • bolečine v mišicah (muscles pain)
  • utrujenost (tiredness)

Slovenian information number for COVID-19 is 080 1404

With that being said, everyone be safe and please follow the official measures and recommendations in place.

Let’s learn and stay healthy,

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