Understanding Slovenian Idioms #006

Every language has idioms and expressions, Slovene is no different. Compared to grammar, learning idioms is a funnier and more practical way to use daily Slovene. It is also a creative way to get familiar with the Slovenian culture and heritage!

  • Odkriti Ameriko – To discover America
    It doesn’t mean to go on a trip to  America as a trip, but like Columbus: to discover something new.
  • Španska vas – Spanish village
    Where exactly do you look for a Spanish village on a map? Actually, it doesn’t refer to a specific place, but somewhere that is completely unknown (to you).
  • Narediti se Francoza – To make oneself French
    It doesn’t refer to getting a French citizenship or residency, not even having the lifestyle of a French. It simply means to do something stupid or to act indifferent.
The audio file is a courtesy of my friend Jure from Slovenian Word Of The Day.  You can listen to his explanation of vocabulary words, such as vas, on his website.

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Let’s speak like Slovenians,

2 thoughts on “Understanding Slovenian Idioms #006

  1. narediti se Francoza => the literal translation is “pretend to be a French”… the meaning is more like “pretend not to understand words, rules, customs, norms – and just do what you want”

    to make oneself a French = literal translation in Slovenian would be “narediti iz sebe Francoza”


    • Thanks for the precision. On the “title” I put the literal translation “word by word” to make it more fun instead of the “by meaning”.

      I know it can be misleading for idioms at first sight but I explain the “true” meaning of it afterward.


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