Phrases – To Know […]

Usually when you translate verbs from one language to another, you will end up with a direct translation. Although, an interesting verb in Slovene is the verb “to know” in English, because depending  on the context, it can be translated into three Slovene versions.

Vedeti – to know

The verb vedeti (to know) is used for common knowledge or things that can be learnt through information or observation.

  • Vem, da je Slovenija v Evropi5. (I know that Slovenia is in Europe).
  • A veste koliko je 5 krat 5 (Do you know how much is 5 times 5)?
  • Vem, katera kavarna ima najboljšo kavo4 (I know which coffee shop has the best coffee).
  • Veliko veste o politiki5(You know a lot about politics).

Znati – to know

The verb znati (to know) is used for knowledge, like a language or a skill.

  • Znam slovensko4angleško4, francosko4 in kitajsko4.
    (I know Slovene, English, French and Chinese).
  • Pika zna plavati, kuhati in voziti (Pika knows to swim, to cook and to drive).

Poznati – to know

The verb poznati (to know) is used when you know about someone or something.

  • Poznam to pesem4 (I know this song).
  • A poznate Martino4 ki živi v Kranju5 (Do you know Martina that lives in Kranj)?
  • Tina veliko potuje in pozna veliko držav (Tina travels a lot and knows many countries).

Bonus : Spoznati – to meet, to get to know, to realize

The verb spoznati (to meet, to get to know, to realize) can be confusing because it contains the verb znati and poznati, but has a different meaning.

  • Tilen in Maja sta spoznala na jezikovnem tečaju5 (Tilen and Maja met at the course).
  • Karl hoče spoznati Katjo4 (Karl wants to get to know Katja).
  • Jan je spoznal, da voziti med prometni konici5 ni dobra ideja. (Jan realized that driving during rush hour is not a good idea).

When you’re not sure which Slovene verbs to use, always remember the context!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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