Weather and Seasons in Slovene

Talking about weather or seasons is a great typical conversation starter, especially with strangers, because it’s quite casual and neutral. But how do you express the different weather and seasons?

Weather – Vreme

There are many ways to express weather in Slovene. Nouns, verbs and adjective are used specifically.

Sun –Sonce 

  • Danes je sončno (It is sunny today).
  • Danes sije sonce (The sun is shinning today).
    *sijati – to shine
  • Jasno (clear sky)

Cloud – Oblak

  • Danes je oblačno (It is cloudy today).
  • Delno oblačno (partially cloudy)

Rain – Dež

  • Danes dežuje (It is raining today).
    *deževati – to rain
  • Danes pada dež (Rain is falling today).
    *padati – to fall
  • Danes je deževno (Today is  rainy on and off).

Wind – Veter

  • Danes je vetrovno (Today is windy).
  • Danes piha veter (The wind is blowing today).
    *pihati – to blow

Snow – Sneg

  • Danes sneži (It is snowing today).
    *snežeti – to snow
  • Danes pada sneg (Snow is falling today).
    *padati – to fall

Fog – Megla

  • Danes je megleno (Today is foggy).
  • Danes je megla (There is fog today).

Lightining – Strela, Thunder – Grmi

  • Danes je nevihtno (There is a storm today).
  • Orkan (hurricane), Poplava (flood), Potres (earthquake), Plaz (avalanche).

Other words

  • Mavrica – Rainbow
  • Toča – Hail

Seasons – Letni časi

For seasons, there are two ways to express them.

As a Noun

  • Letni časi so pomlad, poletje, jesen in zima (The seasons are spring, summer, autumn and winter).
  • Moj najljubši letni čas je pomlad (My favorite season is spring).
  • Slovenske zime niso preveč mrzle (Slovenian winters are not too cold).

As a Time frame 

  • Rojstni dan imam spomladi (I have birthday in spring).
  • Veliko dela imamo poleti (We have lots of work in the summer).
  • Jeseni obiramo jabolka (We pick up apples in autumn).
  • Pozimi smučamo in se sankamo (In winter we ski and sledge).

Some phrases that you can use to express the temperature would be:

  • Danes je toplo/mrzlo/suho/mokro (Today is warm/cold/dry/wet).
  • Imamo toplo/mrzlo/suho/mokro vreme (We have warm/cold/dry/wet weather).

And a funny expression:

  • kot Aprilsko vreme (like April weather) : it means that it is very unreliable or volatile, just like the weather in April – where there can be rain and sun in the same day.

If there’s any more weather or temperature that you would like me to add, just let me know! Hope you had fun with this lessons, and practice it as much as you can, as a conversation starter!

Lepo se imej – Have a nice day,

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