Discover Slovenian Facts #001

Hey guys,
the other day, after putting both kids to sleep, I was enjoying a nice hamburger from McDonald’s (yes, sometimes I do miss the awesome  junk food…) while randomly watching TV – a Slovenian Quiz Show called “Joker” on RTV Slo.

One question in particular caught my attention.

Kaj ni eno od tradicionalnih slovenskih imen za steklenico za strežbi vina?
(Which is not a traditional Slovenian name for bottle for serving wine?)

Possible answer : Martin, Neža, Urban or Marjeta.

Personally, I’m not a wine drinker or connoisseur, but it still picked my curiosity. I had no idea that in Slovenia, bottles had “names”.  So I did a little research, and it’s true!

The traditional name for Slovenian bottle, especially for wine is Štefan, and it has a volume of 2 liters. Other names are:

  • Polič for 0,75L bottle,
  • Janez or Neža for 3L bottle,
  • Urban for 4L bottle,
  • Martin for 5L bottle,
  • Pic for 100L bottle and
  • Bok for 250L bottle.

We can learn so many stuff by watching the right TV programs! “Joker” or similar shows are indeed of one the best way to learn something random but interesting about Slovenia! Hope you enjoyed!

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Let’s discover together,

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