Thank you Gifts for your support!

Happy holidays everyone!
Hope that you are doing well and that you got some free time to learn Slovene!

Recently I’ve been busying myself with a little project of mine : eBooks! As a way to thank you – my readers, for learning Slovene with me, I’ve decided to create “7 Days of Basic Slovene“. And now, with the holidays, it seems to be the perfect time to share with you.

I’ve divided them by week, so it doesn’t seem too much at once, and it’s a good way to guide your learning.

As a token of appreciation and to encourage you to learn Slovene.
Download Week 1 here.
28 pages of contents + tables + exercises.

As a special thanks to those that have decided to generously support me via my Ko-fi page.

Change 28.08.2021 – eBook will be available as an entire pdf compilation via Ko-fi supporter post only.

Donations will be used treat myself for a sweet treat! ❤

Keep in mind that most content from my eBooks are also available on my blog. The eBooks are set as a progressive learning instead of by topic.

There will be more eBooks available soon, so stay tuned!
Thank you for again for your support!

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