Simplified Slovenian News on RTV Slo

Hey guys,

the other day from an EXPATS Sharing Group, I came across a very interesting resource, especially for learners : Enostavno – Simply on RTV Slo. It’s basically simplified news in Slovene on different topics. The most relevant part is that the text can actually be read normally (preberi) and read slower (preberi počasi).

I think that it is an excellent way to practice for reading and listening to Slovene, especially the pronunciation. Because the text is relatively simplified, you can even use the text as an exercise to identify skloni by putting the number of the corresponding sklon in  superscript.

If you come across other useful resource for Slovene, don’t hesitate and share!

2 thoughts on “Simplified Slovenian News on RTV Slo

  1. This is great, thanks for sharing. However, I did not understand how you meant to use “superscript”… Do you mean like copying and pasting the text in a file, identifying the cases and writing the sklon numbers next to the words? Or I missed something directly on the RTV website?


    • Hey Emilien, it’s not something directly on the RTV Slo website. I meant that you can use the text as an exercise to practice identifying the skloni. Like in my blog, I put the sklon number in superscript next to nouns to identify the sklon.


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