Ask Anna about Slovene #001

Personally, I believe that the best way to improve your Slovene is by asking questions and… looking for answers (of course!). You might be shy or confused, but actually, there are no silly question. So I’ve decided to share questions that others have ask me (with their consent). I might not have the best explanation, but I will try my best!

Question by Batuhan

In fourth sklon, the preposition v or na is used for direction. But why is there a preposition in “Grem v službo” but none in “Grem domov“?

Anna’s Answer

As we know, the preposition v and na are used in both fourth and fifth sklon.

  • Sklon 4 : Grem v službo4. (I go to work.) and Grem domov4. (I go home.)
  • Sklon 5 : Sem v službi5. (I am at work.) and Sem doma5. (I am home.)

In the sentences “Grem domov.” and “Sem doma” (I am home.), domov and doma are not nouns but adverbs of place. Dom (home) as a noun would be

  • Sklon 1 : To je dom1. (This is home.)
  • Sklon 2 : Sem brez doma2. (I am without home.)
  • Sklon 4 : Imam dom4. (I have a home.)
  • Sklon 5 : Pogovarjamo se o domu5. (We are talking about home.)

So you can see, the concept of sklon is the same, but the “declension” is different.

I love questions and I think that sharing the answers can only be beneficial for everyone, peers to peers. So if you have any questions, do let me know, so we can all learn from it!

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