Double Celebrations – Week 4 is out!

Hey guys,
today we celebrate Debel Četrtek (Fat Thursday) but also Chinese New Year’s Eve! Such a coincidence, two different cultural celebrations – both meaningful to me, on the same day!

For those who doesn’t know what Fat Thursday is. It is the Thursday before Pust – the Carnival, a traditional festivity that chases winter away! It is called “fat” because it is believed that on this day, we have to eat “fat” foods, such a krof (a popular fried donut) to have a good harvest year.

As for Chinese New Year’s Eve, we usually have a happy family gathering with lots of delicious and prosperous foods, some new clothes and of course, red envelops with money.

Funny thing is nian, which means “year” in Chinese is originally an evil beast, that’s why we would light firecrackers and make a lot of noises to scare it away. This practice is very similar to Pust, the Carnival where kuranti would also make a lot of noises with their bell to chase winter away.

Week 4 of my eBook – 7 Days of Basic Slovene

After a lot of interruptions and working multiple things at the same time, I’ve finally finished compiling the last part of my first eBook series. Hope that you will like it!

Change 28.08.2021 – Available as an entire pdf compilation via Ko-fi supporter post only.

Don’t forget to check out Learning Materials for more resources!

Week 4 is the last planned part of 7 Days of Basic Slovene. But I do have in mind to compile another eBook, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me! Eat a lot today and happy celebrations!

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