Interesting Translation of Slovenian Towns

When I travelling around Slovenia, I never paid much attention to all the town names sign on the road until I got a better understanding of Slovene. Then I noticed some translated names were quite funny. It is not uncommon that some places would be named after the surroundings, I mean, anywhere in the world.

Triglav – Three Heads

Triglav is one of the most significant symbol of Slovenia. It is on the national flag and a well-known point of interest. Located in the center of Triglav National park, it is highest mountain in Slovenia, as well as the highest peak of the Julian Alps. Important landmark includes the famous Aljaž Tower, which is a small storm shelter at the top of the mountain.

Novo Mesto – New Town

Located in the Dolensjka region, Novo Mesto is the 7th biggest town of Slovenia. Cviček is a famous Slovenian red wine, that is produced in the region. Novo Mesto is also known for Otočec Castle – a castle hotel on a small island on the Krka river.

Podčetrtek – Under Thursday

Podčetrtek is a very destination for a day trip in the Savinsjka region with various point of attractions. For spa relaxation, go to Terme Olimia for spa. For a homemade culinary experience, visit Jelenov Greben. Another points of interest are Olimje Chocolate shop, which is near the Olimje Monastery – known for its pharmacy and herbal garden.

Slovenske Konjice – Slovenian Cavalry

Located in the Savinjska region, Slovenske Konjice is a medieval town with a white horse as its coat of arms! It is also a nice town to visit: on one side is the Konjice mountain and on the other side are the wine-growing hills of Škalce.

Ribnica – Fishpond

Located in the Dolenjska region, Ribnica is surprisingly not known for its fishes, but for its traditional woodenware and pottery. The Ribnica Handicraft Center is also a museum. Another point of interest is the Škrabec Homestead, the birthplace of the greatest Slovene linguist of the 19th century: Friar Stanislav Škrabec. His main work was the phonetics and orthographs of Slovene!

Mirna Peč – Peaceful Furnace

Mirna Peč is a settlement in the Dolenjska region with a very interesting name. The most probable origin of the name comes from the German term “Hönigstein” (honey stove). It refers to the color of the cliff Zijalo at the north of the town.

Mokronog – Wet Feets

Mokronog is settlement along the Mirna Valley and Radulja hills in the Dolenjska region. There is actually a human foot on its coat of arms! This particular symbol has been kept and passed down all the way from the medieval period.

Other examples that I can think of:

  • Jelendol – Deer Down
  • Medvode – Between Waters
  • Črni Vrh – Black Peak
  • Višnja Gora – Sour Cherry Mountain
  • Dolga Vas – Long Village

Have you noticed any others interesting and funny translation of Slovenian towns? If you do, please share it with me!

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2 thoughts on “Interesting Translation of Slovenian Towns

  1. My family came from a small village on the Sava River called Kresnice, meaning “fireflies.” I have no idea why it is called that. Maybe someone knows the story?


    • Thanks for sharing! Kresnice is a very adorable and interesting village’s name.

      I’ve look a bit into it and… Kresnice could come from “kres” (summer solstice or bonfire). It could be the place where bonfires were held – but you know, no story is 100% sure!


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