Learning Slovenian Slang #003

Have you ever heard some words used by Slovenian locals that you couldn’t exactly find in the dictionary? Well, those words could be slang. Learning them is an interesting way to jump into the Slovenian culture!

*Keep in mind that I live near Tržič, which is close to the Austrian border, therefore, many of the slang are influenced by German. I’ve also used Tržiški slovar, edited by Tereza Gosar and Jožica Koder, as reference.


means zajtrk (breakfast).  It comes from frühstück, which translates into breakfast in German. Other meals in Slovene: malica means snack or a light meal, (but in restaurant, especially for workers, it is a good portion of food), kosilo is lunch and večerja is dinner.


means nogavice, žabnice (socks, stockings).  I’ve been using it so naturally, everyday with my kids, until I realized that it was in fact, a slang that comes from the German word strumpf (stocking).


means slanina (bacon).  As you know, I live on a farm with livestock and we also use it to describe “fats” (maščobe). And no surprise that it also comes from German – speck (bacon).

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