Slovene “Pre-Made” Phrases – Part 1

An easy way to learn how to express yourself in Slovene is to use some “pre-made” phrases. They are a short set of words, usually connected with a specific sklon or personal pronoun, in either third or fourth sklon. They are quite versatile and simple to use. Two things to pay attention to are:

  • the sklon used for the following noun and
  • the personal pronoun, whether it’s in third (Z3) and fourth (Z4) sklon.

Of course, the phrases cannot be literally translated in English, but you should be able to understand the meaning.

If there is a sklon specific preposition, then it has priority and it will determine which sklon to use.

Most of the phrases can be used with conjunctions, such as če (if), ko (when),
da (that), ker (because) and so on.

The form of the object (Z3 and Z4) will depend on the personal pronoun (Z1) used.
For example, jaz1 is mi3/me4, on1 is mu3/ga4, ona1 is ji3/jo4 and so on.

The verb is conjugated according to the subject: singular, dual or plural.
For example, for the verb biti (to be) in singular is je, dual is sta and plural is so.

Všeč mi3 je + […]1 – I like […]

  • Všeč mi3 je čokoladna torta1 (I like chocolate cake).
  • Všeč mu3 je, ko se smejiš (He likes when you smile).
  • Všeč so mi3 živali1 (I like animals).
  • Všeč jim3 je, ko/če prideš na obisk (They like when/if you come visit).

Ime mi3 je + […]1 – I am named […]

  • Ime mi3 je Anna1 (I am named Anna).
  • Ime ji3 je Leja1 (She is named Leja).

Rad(a) imam + […]4 – I like […]

  • Rad(a) imam kavo4 (I like coffee).
  • Rad te4 ima (He likes you).
  • Radi imajo počitnice (They like holidays).

Boli me4 + […]1 – It hurts me […]

  • Boli me4 glava1 (My head is hurting me).
  • Bolijo me4 noge1 (My legs are hurting me).
  • Boli ga4 hrbet, ko/če dolgo hodi (His back hurts him when/if he walks for long).

Zebe me4 + v […]4 – I am cold […]

  • Zebe me4 v roke4 (My hands are cold).
  • Zebe me4, ko sneži (I’m cold when it snows).

Zanima me4 + […]1 – It interests me […]

  • Zanima me4 vezenje1 (I am interested in embroidery / Embroidery interests me).
  • Zanima jo4 risanje1 (She is interested in drawing / Drawing interests her).
  • Zanimajo me4 čevlji1 (Shoes interest me).
  • Zanima me4, če je majica še na voljo (I am wondering if the t-shirt is still available).

Skrbi me4 + […]1 – It worries me […]

  • Skrbi me4 prihodnost1 (I worry about the future).
  • Skrbi me4 zate4 (I worry about you).
  • Skrbi jo4, ker si sam doma (It worries her because you are home alone).

Veseli me4 + […]1 – It makes me happy […]

  • Veseli me4 glasba1 (Music makes me happy).
  • Veseli me4, da smo se srečali (It makes me happy that we met).
  • Veseli me4, da je zime konec (It makes me happy that the winter is over).

Vroče mi3 je + […] – I am hot […]

  • Vroče mi3 je na soncu5 (I am hot in the sun).
  • Vroče ji3 je v trebuhu5 (Her stomach is hot).
  • Vroče mi3 je, ko tečem (I am hot when I run).

Težko mi3 je + […] – It is hard for me

  • Težko mi3 je, ko ne razumem, kaj rečes (It is difficult for me when I don’t understand what you are saying).
  • Težko mi3 je, kadar te ni doma (It is hard for me when you are not home).

Strah me4 je + […]2 – I am scared […]

  • Strah me4 je mraka2 (I am afraid of the dark).
  • Strah me4 je, ko hodi sama ponoči (It scares me when she walks alone at night).

More Phrases

  • Moti me4 + […]1 – It bothers me […]
  • Slabo mi3 je + […] – It makes me sick […]
  • Peče me4 + […]1 – It burns me
  • Privlači me4 + […]1 – It attracts me […]
  • Jasno mi3 je + […] – It is clear to me […]
  • Sram me4 je + […]2 – I’m ashamed […]
  • Groza me4 je + […]2 – I am terrified […]
  • Lepo mi3 je + […] – It is nice to me […]
  • Dolgčas mi3 je + […] – It bores me […]
  • Prijetno mi3 je + […] – It is pleasant to me […]

No need to mention that there are many more useful “pre-made” phrases. Most can also be used in negation, as well as in past and future tense. In those cases, the Order of Word is applied and it can become quite complicated (to be continued in Part 2).

I’m sure that you have heard or know more phrases, if there are any that you would like me to add to the list or if you have any questions, do let me know!

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