Little Escapades through Slovenian Hospitals

Hey guys,
just a “quick” update – parenthood is keeping me quite busy 🙂 and I’ve visited three Slovenian hospitals ever since.

Bolnišnica za ginekologijo in porodništvo Kranj –  Hospital for gynecology and birth center Kranj

Living in the Gorenjska Region, two of the closest birth centers are Kranj and Jesenice. Even if the birth center in Jesenice got recently renovated, we opted for Kranj as it is slightly closer.

Me and Daughter

About a month ago I was scheduled for my third CTG – cardiotocography (as I was overdue) and I got hospitalized as my contractions were getting closer and more regular. Everything was doing well, but somehow I quickly ended up with a C-section.

My first night as a mother was in the intensive care, but I was able to see our daughter for a moment. I recovered quickly and on the next evening, I got transferred to a normal room and spent some nice mother-daughter bonding time. The staffs were really nice and helpful. Few days after, we got discharged for home.

Bolnišnica Golnik in Klinični oddelek za pljučne bolezni in alergijoHospital Golnik and Clinic for pulmonary diseases and allergy

Breastfeeding is never easy, especially at the beginning, but it does get better. And one day, I got a bad fever and felt extremely tired. I went back to Kranj for a check-up: probability of mastitis. I got a prescription of Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and developed an ugly skin rash reaction.

On the next day, I took an appointment with my new family doctor and he sent me to Golnik for an allergy check-up. They hospitalized me for 24 hours. The staffs were really nice and accommodating as I got a VIP single room and a baby crib for our daughter.

I got discharged with prescriptions and follow-ups at their clinic for allergy. The staffs were really nice, especially at the sight of our daughter 🙂 I’m glad the skin rash is now over.

Splošna bolnišnica JeseniceGeneral Hospital Jesenice

Meanwhile, my husband had a bad abdominal pain for two days… And on a Sunday morning, he went to the town clinic in Tržič, the on-duty doctor sent him right away to Jesenice for further examinations… and he got Appendicitis 😦

He got a surgery within the next few hours. It ended in the evening, but the staffs were kind enough to let me visit him, outside of normal visiting hours. My husband recovered nicely and got discharged two days after.

Honestly, I’ve never “visited” hospitals as often as in the last month (except for work). Being on the other side, as a patient, did feel a bit awkward.

What I’ve learnt from all these little escapades: the meals in Slovenian hospital are really delicious. I was surprised and impressed. It felt like a small but nice consolation for being hospitalized.

Now, we’re back on our feet, so no need to worry.
Until next time,


Going on an Exciting Life Journey

Sorry guys,
I know that I haven’t post in a while… but in the past months, my husband and I have been slowly preparing ourselves to begin a new life journey and adventure: Parenthood! 🙂

It sounds scary at first: diaper changes, sleepless nights and a lifelong worrying about their well-beings… But that’s what parents are. Parenthood is also such an emotional and exciting adventure! Witnessing their first smile, first step… their growing up, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow.

Being future parents, we will never feel 100% ready and prepared, but I have no doubt that we will do our best and do great! 😉

Meanwhile, I have been sewing many baby things: clothes, toys, blankets… and my husband has been doing some renovations for the nursery 🙂

So, if I am unable to respond or post as often, please do forgive me – you know that I am not slacking! ❤

Until next time,

Cloudy Easter Monday in Logarska Dolina

Recently, the weather has been a mix of sun, clouds, wind and rain, but I can’t really complain because it makes the grass happy. 🙂 Despite the uncertain weather, we decided to take advantage of the day off and go on izlet in Logarska DolinaLogar Valley.

Located in the Kamnik Alps, Logarska Dolina is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. The valley consists of a few touristic farms and it is an ideal destination for those who wants to taste self-sustained local products and hikes.

Entrance of Logarska Dolina

Entrance of Logarska Dolina

At the entrance of the valley, a herd of beautiful Highland cows are peacefully eating grass, next to the Kapela Kristusa Kralja – Chapel of Christ the King, designed by the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik.

The drive to Logarska Dolina was decently long and on curvy roads. By the time we arrived, we were famished. We randomly pick a place to eat and had a fantastic homey lunch at Penzion Kmečka hiša Ojstrica – pension Country house Ojstrica, near the entrance of the valley.

At the far end of the Logarska Dolina is the impressive Slap Rinka – Rinka waterfall. A waterfall of 105 m height with a single 90 m drop.

Rinka Slap and Eagle's Nest

Rinka Slap and Eagle’s Nest

Slap Rinka is the source of the Savinja River, which flows through the Savinjska region of Slovenia and almost as soon as it hits the bottom, its water goes underground and reappears as Izvir Črne – Spring of Črna, in the lower part of the valley. Next to Slap Rinka is a little rest spot, the Orlovo Gnezdo – Eagle’s Nest, that serves drinks and ice cream.

I was curious about how the bottom of the waterfall looked like, so we went all the way to the feet of the waterfall, with the mix of water and wind, we got wet so quickly! It must be very refreshing during hot summer days, but not that day. 😉

Until next time,

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives in Slovene

Same as in English, adjectives in Slovene are comparable, known as stropnjevanje pridevnika, they are ranked by “level”.  Comparative and superlative adjectives are often used to answer questions starting by kakšen.

Learn more about Adjectives in General.

Not sure how to use kakšen? Read about Which Slovene Question Words to Use.

How to recognize them

In Slovene, comparative and superlative adjectives are easily recognizable.

For example, the adjective lep (pretty) is trostopenjsko stopnjevanje – three-level adjective.

  1. Its basic form– osnovnik is simply the adjective, lep (pretty).
  2. Its comparative formprimernik is lepši (prettier).
  3. Its superlative formpresežnik is najlepši (prettiest).

The comparative form is usually:  part of the basic form + the ending –ši / –ejši / – ji.
The superlative form is: naj + its comparative form.

Comparative form

As mentioned earlier, the comparative form is usually part of the basic form with different endings. The question is, how to remember which ending goes with which adjective. Here’s an easy way to guide you through.

Ending with -ši
Comparative form ending with -ši are usually used with short adjective, such as:

  • lep (lepši) – pretty,
  • grd (grši) – ugly,
  • slab (slabši) – bad,
  • hud (hujši) – mean,
  • dolg (daljši) – long,
  • mlad (mlajši) – young.

But there are some longer adjectives that also end with -ši. For example: dober (boljši) – good, majhen (manjši) – small, kratek (krajši) – short…

Ending with -ejši
Comparative form ending with –ejši are mostly used with adjectives that have lots of consonants at the end, such as:

  • čist (čistejši) – clean,
  • močen (močnejši) – strong,
  • hiter (hitrejši) – fast,
  • topel (toplejši) – warm,
  • hladen (hladnejši) – cold.
Notice how the e” in the basic adjective is underlined, it means that when declined, the “e” is removed ∴ it ends up with a lot of consonant together.

Some adjectives also take the -ejši ending, even if they don’t have many consonants together. For example: nov (novejši) – new, star (starejši) – old, poceni (cenejši) – cheap…

Ending with -ji
Comparative form ending with ji are irregular, meaning they don’t follow any pattern. They can be short adjectives, adjectives with many consonants…).

  • lahek (lažji) – easy / light,
  • težek (težji) – difficult / heavy,
  • drag (dražji) – expensive,
  • visok (višji) – tall / high,
  • nižek (nižji) – short / low,
  • ozek (ji) – narrow,
  • globok (globlji) – deep.

You have to learn them by ❤ , but the more you use and hear them, the easier it will be to remember them.

With bolj (more) or manj (less)
Comparative form with bolj (more) or manj (less) are used when endings -ši, -ejši or -ji don’t apply. Usually with longer adjectives, colors and status or conditions.

  • utrujen – tired,
  • svež – fresh,
  • zelen – green,
  • sončen – sunny,
  • suh – skinny / dry,
  • vroč – hot,
  • mrzel – cold.

Of course, sometimes you might forget or won’t know how to say a certain comparative adjective and as a last resort, you can use it with bolj or manj. For example, bolj lep (more pretty), manj lahek (less easy)…

Superlative Form

Once you know the comparative form, the superlative form is very easy. You simply put naj in front of its comparative form and you get its superlative form.

  • lep (pretty) → lepši najlepši,
  • čist (clean) → čistejši → najčistejši,
  • lahek (easy / light) → lažji najlažji,
  • utrujen (tired) → bolj / manj utrujen  → najbolj / najmanj utrujen.

Keep in mind that there are no “absolute” rules with comparative and superlative adjectives. Therefore, the more you practice, the more you will be familiar with them.

If you have any comments or questions, contact me and let me know! We’re all here to learn Slovene!

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Let’s learn,

Featured on National Radio in Slovenia

Hey guys,

Fotolov near Bled

I was on Radio Slovenia this morning, on RTV SLO PRVI – Drugi pogled, a program that invites foreigners living in Slovenia to share their stories, anecdotes and thoughts about Slovenia.

When I got the invitation, I was thrilled, excited but also a bit nervous and worried… like “what am I going to say”… and in Slovene?!?

Although, at the actual “interview”, Andreja Gradišar, the reporter, was really nice and made me at ease instantly. Listen and read about my thoughts of Slovenia in Anna Giang iz Kanade (only in Slovene).

So, for those who heard me “talk” on national radio… my Slovene is far from perfect and I will probably still make make many mistakes for a long while. And, it’s totally fine! While learning a new language, I truly believe that it is:

Better to talk with mistakes than not talk at all.  🙂

PS – Am I the only one, but I’m always a little surprised when I listen to my own voice talking? 😉

Happy happy,

Changing Roof in Gorenjska

Hey guys,
I’ve been quite busy recently. We just changed the roof of our nearly 150 years old house. Quite a huge renovation, I think the last change was probably 50 years ago… if not more… 😉

With renovations, one of the (less) fun part is probably shopping for contractors. After some research and asking around, we got a few offers but decided to go with KK OBLAK gradbeno in trgovosko podjetje D.O.O. –  as we only hear good things about them.

Honestly, I have to say that I have nothing to complain about them. They are quick, efficient, professional and consistently hardworking. They took care of everything and it was absolutely worry-free for us (as it should be) – they even managed to accommodate some last minute changes without problem.

I was really impress by their working speed. We got a completely new and beautiful roof of approximately 300m2 in 8 days (wooden pillars, balcony, everything)!

If you ever need to change a roof in the Gorenjska region, I would totally recommend them!

Admiring our new roof,

Checkout my Facebook Page!

Hey guys,
I hope everybody is doing great! As for me, I’ve (finally) decided to create a Facebook page for my blog. I figured that it could be a nice way to keep updates and to connect with you guys 🙂

You will be able to find me via “@AnnaInSlovenia“. Please like, share and follow me there (as well)!

And if you don’t feel like using Facebook, no problem. You can always subscribe to my blog as a WordPress reader or via email (that’s if you haven’t yet). You can also leave me replies in my posts or contact me for questions, comments or feedback. I will get back at you all the same ❤

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Celebrating Holidays 2016 in Canada

Happy Early Holidays Everybody!

I’m wishing you guys happy holidays and lots of great time with your loved one this early, because I’m going to Canada for the holidays. I wanted to be sure to give you all my greetings!

The weather will surely be colder than in Slovenia and I do hope that there won’t be too much snow… but who knows, it’s a Canadian winter after all!

I will be away until mid-January. I will try to answer comments and reply messages as soon as I can.  I’m super excited about 2017, are you?

Happy holidays with lots of joy ❤

My 100th post – Thank you!

Hey guys,
this is my 100th posts since I created my blog in October 2014! 🙂

I started blogging with the general idea of  “Discover Slovenia & Learn Slovene”. I wanted to share my discoveries of Slovenia with my family and friends in Canada. I also wanted to share and help other people, who were also learning Slovene, with what I know and also, from the perspectives of a non-native.

After 2 years, my goal remains the same. But I’m happy to see how my blog has developed and taken shape. And it’s all because of you!

I would like to take this special opportunity to say thank you, for being my readers.

Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, liking or sharing my posts.
Thank you for following or subscribing to my blog.
Thank you for taking the time to write a personal message and telling me that you like and appreciate what I’m doing and find my blog helpful.

It means the world to me. It really warms my heart to know that I am able to help someone and knowing it, encourages me to keep blogging. 🙂

Thank you!
Anna ❤


Supermoon from our Backyard

The weather is getting colder in Slovenia and every morning, there’s a thin layers of ice on the grass. I can totally feel the winter coming! Time for hat and gloves.

Going out in the cold is not exactly my favorite thing to do. I rather stay warm and cozy. Although, there’s an exception every once in a while, right?


Last night was cold and cloudy, but it was also the Supermoon. A full moon is called a Supermoon when it coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, it gives the impression of a bigger and larger moon. Despite my dislike for the cold weather, I just had to go outside and witness it with my own eyes. (Fortunately, we didn’t have to go very far to find a spot far from the “city” lights – our backyard did just fine!)

According to the astronomers, yesterday’s full moon was the biggest, closest as well as brightest  since 1948! The next Supermoon that will be this close will only be in 2034.

Unfortunately, the sky was very cloudy and it hid the brightest of the moon. We rarely take photos in the evening or at night and need a lot more practice. 🙂

In Slovenia, it is believed that the full moon – polna luna is affect immensely the behaviors of Slovenians, although there is no proven scientific reasons. Believe it or not?

Until next time,