Central Region

The Central region is the very soul of Slovenia, in terms of international festivals, cultural events, important congress and much more. The most important city of Slovenia is in that region.


The capital city of dragon, a metropolis of love, an architectural delights –  all are affectionate nicknames that suit the beautiful city of Ljubljana.

Ljubljana is famous for its bridges: the iconic Dragon Bridge,  the Triple Bridge in Prešernov trg square, the love locks on the Butcher’s bridge and many more.

The beautiful European Ljubljana castle offers a astonishing view on the center of Ljubljana.  The modern Café & Restaurant Nebotičnik, one of the highest building in the center of Ljubljana, has a wonderful terrace with a picturesque sight upon different part of Ljubljana.

Tivoli park is the largest green space in Ljubljana. Lovely paths that are bicycles, baby strollers, dogs, kids friendly.

Ljubljana has a lot more attractions: Ljubljana Zoo, Botanical Garden

Arboretum Volčji Potok

Near the town of Kamnik is the Arboretum Volčji Potok, one of the most visited and beautiful Botanical Gardens in Slovenia. No need to have green thumbs to enjoy the flowers and trees!

Other interesting points of interest in the Central region are KamnikMedvodeIški Vintgar

… to be continued.

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