Welcome to my Blog

My name is Anna.

I am passionate about  learning foreign languages and visiting new places.

Being from the multicultural city of Montreal makes me fluent in both French and English. Having Chinese roots also makes me fluent in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese dialects). Sometimes, I’m not even sure which language is my best.

So, why am I writing this blog?

Romantic Love Locks

Romantic Love Locks on the Butcher’s Bridge in Old Ljubljana

Like a lot of people who moved to SLOVEnia, I came because of Love ❤ .

I was in a long distance relationship with a Slovenian for many years. In 2013, I made a big decision and moved across the Atlantic ocean to be with him – now, we are happily married and blessed with three kids! 🙂

Before my big move, I’ve visited Slovenia a few times. And I thought that Slovenia was quite similar to Canada. They share likeness in the beautiful and natural landscape, the feeling of peacefulness and safety as well as friendly people.

After moving abroad, I’ve realized how actually different Slovenia is to Canada. Every day, I learn something new about the traditions, cultures, foods and much more. I also love to be able to discover the different and beautiful unique landscape of Slovenia.

Every day I discover something new about Slovenia and it’s an amazing feeling!

At my arrival, I had zero knowledge of Slovene, except a few basics. Unfortunately, not all Slovenians know how to speak English. That’s when I realized that I needed to learn Slovene!

I enrolled myself in a 3 months of intensive tečaj – course, at the Centre for Slovene as a second/foreign language. The teachers were so fantastic that I attended another course in 2015. Then things got a little busy and I was finally able to attend a third course (online) in 2021.

Learning Slovene is not easy. The grammar is even more complex than French. That’s one of the reason why I’ve decided to share what I’ve learnt so far with anyone who wants to learn Slovene. I’m not perfect at all, but I’m willing to help! 😉

Writing a blog is also a very nice and easy way to keep in touch with my family and friends.

Yes, that’s me!

As I’ve often said, with the current technology, distance shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

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Discover Slovenia & Learn Slovene

Do visit often and share my posts.
Contact me without hesitation! 🙂

Nasvidenje – See you soon,

37 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog

  1. Hi Anna
    Jaz sem Hoyoung in iz Koreje (Is it right?^^ How to say ‘South Korea’?)
    Really happy to find out your blog
    So many helpful to learn Slovene since I’m a very beginner (moved to Slovenia this March)
    Truly appreciate your these efforts and you sharing them with us
    Hope you and your family always stay healthy!^^


    • Hey Hoyoung! Im glad that you like my blog! South Korea is “Južna Koreja”. You can say “Jaz sem Hoyoung. Prihajam (or Sem) iz Južne Koreje.” I love Korean food and miss it deeply…. AH! If you have any questions, let me know!


      • Thank you for your kind reply
        “Jaz sem Hoyoung. Prihajam iz Južne Koreje.”
        Nice to hear that you love korean food
        I’d like to treat you to a korean meal someday if possible^^
        Thank you for being there to help me learn Slovene🤗


  2. Hi Anna. You description os impressive “wow”. Anyway, I’m Besarta and I’m from Kosovo. I moved here in Slovenia two months ago, because my family lives here for years. As you and I want to learn slovenian language to have a chance to find a job. I see you as a inspiration.


  3. Hello Anna
    I bought a lesson but I can’t get it and as I see that it’s going to be expired within 48 hours so please tell me how to get my payed lesson? Thanks


  4. Živijo Anna!
    I am a California “girl” who lived in Kranjska Gora ,Slovenija for almost 25 years. I too moved to SLOVEnija for love ( Actually, it was Yugoslavia at that time , 1989). Unfortunately, my story in Slovenia did not end happily and I moved back to California in 2013.
    While I was there , I never had the opportunity to learn Slovene properly in Ljubljana. I started to take lessons from a retired profesor in Kr Gora but the Yugoslavian war started ad of course my lessons stopped.
    It also did not help that my ex husband’s family were originally from Croatia and spoke Croatian with me. !!!
    I would love to have your recommendations on how you think I should proceed in learning/keeping.


    • Hey Kristin, that’s great that you want to keep learning Slovene despite everything. Well, the best way to learn Slovene is to attend an official course (now, there are a lot that are online – I highly recommend centerslo.si) and to practice, the more you speak, listen, write and read, the better it is 🙂


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