About Slovenia

Slovenia is a very small country of approximately 20.273 km² – you can basically drive from one side to the other in roughly 3 hours. The sightseeing varies from mountains views to sea side – it is truly impressive and beautiful.

Slovenia has common borders with Austria (318 km), Croatia (670 km), Italy (280 km) and Hungary (102 km). Visiting those countries are now very easy as Slovenia is part of the border-free Schengen area, travelling documents are only needed when going to Croatia, as it is not part of the Schengen area.

Slovenia is also part of the Euro Area – thus using the common currency in Europe – the Euro (€), avoiding the need to change currency when going visiting other countries. One thing I also like is that the taxes and tips are already included in all prices (so, no need to take out your calculator for every purchase or when paying at the restaurant).

The temperature in Slovenia is also very nice, especially if you’re not a fan of long cold winters. The average temperature in January is -2ºC, without tons of snow. In the summer, the average temperature is around 21ºC in July, with sudden but short rain showers, at least in the Gorenjska region – where I live.

As you can see in the map, Slovenia is in the shape of a small chicken – with its different regions: Gorenjska (mountain side), Goriška (the Emerald river), Pomurska (near Hungary), Notranjska-Karst (famous caves), Coast-Karst (next to the sea) and more.

The highest and famous mountain in Slovenia is Triglav – the three heads mountain, with its 2864 meters height.

The Sava River, one of the longest rivers in Europe – total of 990 km long with 221 km flows through Slovenia.

I am not very good  in history, but Slovenia, being an European Country, indeed has a lot of castles and historical monuments.

The Republic of Slovenia declared its independence from the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in June 1991, before Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Even if Slovenia is a smaller country than Canada, it has a good diversity of places to visit. People are nice and friendly. Slovenian foods taste good, but there’s not enough variety for me – coming from Montreal, it’s not comparable. The sightseeing is simply mind-blowing!

Through my blogs, I will bring you on a journey – come discover Slovenia with me.

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