Goriška Region

In the Goriška region flows one of the World most beautiful river: the Emerald River Soča. Slovenia’s only national park is also in that region: the Triglav National Park, where many water sports are available.


Near Tolmin is one of Slovenia’s most gorgeous natural treasure: the Tolminska Korita with amazing hiking paths around the beautiful river Soča. The color of the water will truly amaze you!


The small town of Kobarid hids one of the most lovely hidden jewel of Slovenia: the Kozjak Slap – the Veliki Kozjak is  a beautiful white waterfall inside a half dome that drops into a pool of turquoise water.

Goriška Brda

One of the most picturesque and famous wine-growing area of Slovenia, known for its White Rebula. The wonderful warm climate is also suitable for fruits and olives. The beautiful village of Šmartno and Renaissance Dobrovo Castle are must-see.


One of the most popular destination in Slovenia for adrenaline adventure such as rafting and zip-lining is in the picturesque town of Bovec, surrounded by the Julian Alps and the river Soča.

Other interesting points of interest in the Goriška region are IdrijaNova Gorica, TrentaTriglav National Park

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