About my Photography

The photographs on my blog belong to me and my husband. Together, we’ve recently picked up a new hobby: photography! It’s such a great feelings to do something we like with loved ones! ❤

It all started in 2014 by an unexpected gift from my parents: a Nikon D7000 kit and SD card. My husband quickly became very enthusiastic and passionate. We realized that one camera for two hobbyists  wouldn’t work, so we got a Nikon D7100 for him. 🙂

Now, each of us have our own DSLR and when we go on an izlet – trip around Slovenia or anywhere, it is much more practical! We can photograph a same scene through difference perspectives and angles as we also uses different lenses. At the end, we compare, decide and select which ones we like the most and they get posted on my blog and on our 500px.

We’re still beginners and we love the test and try experiences we’re currently having. Some of our photographs might not be optimal yet, but please be patient with us, follow our improvements and comments are very welcomed! There’s a lot of things to learn and photography is a life-long journey since the options are just endless.

Through our lenses, we hope to be able to share mementos that will reflect the authentic beauty of Slovenia. Maybe our photographs will inspire you enough to come for a visit and if not, you can always discover Slovenia via my Gallery.

Slovenia might be a small country, but the diversified landscapes are simply breathtaking.

“One image is worth a thousand words.”

Check out my Gallerymy Facebook Page (@AnnaInSlovenia)  or on my 500px profile for full resolution photographs. Please do not used any photos from my blog without my knowledge! Thank you! 🙂


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