Savinjska Region

The Savinjska region, named after the beautiful Savinja river which source comes from the impressive Rinka Waterfall, is known for its Medieval castles, thermal spa, touristic farms as well as unspoiled nature.


Known as the “City of Princes”, the Old Castle Celje  is home to the important medieval family of the Counts of Celje. The view from the castle is also amazing.

Pekel Jama

The Pekel Jama, with an entrance that looks like the embrace of the Devil, is where the highest underground waterfall of Slovenia is located.

Rimska Nekropola

One of the most important archaeological site of Slovenia is indeed the Rimska Nekropola – a famous burial ground with  many tombs from the Roman era.

Other interesting points of interest in the Savinjska region are Logarska dolina, Mozirski gajSnežna jama, Jelenov greben, Terme Olimia…

… to be continued.

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