Slovenian Festivities

Slovenians have many interesting public holidays as well as traditional and cultural festivities. Knowing and understanding why and how they are celebrated is a nice way to discover Slovenia.


Parade of Kurenti in Ptuj |

A great and noisy parade, held in every town of Slovenia, chases winter away with the help of Kurenti is Pust – the Carnival.The biggest and strongest celebration of Pust that attracts visitors worldwide is the Kurentovanje in the old town of Ptuj.

Vuč u Vodo – March 11th

Beautiful and Colorful Small Houses in Tržič

The event of Vuč u VodoLight in Water, which is on the Eve of St. Gregory’s day – also known as the Valentine’s Day in Slovenia, celebrates coming of spring as well as the longer daylight.

Veliko Noč

Easter in SloveniaOne of the most important religious celebrations in Slovenia is indeed EasterVeliko Noč, which marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The important Beganica – a bouquet made of branches from seven different trees, is made during Easter and is used as a blessing tool during other holidays.

Praznik Dela – May 1st

Bonfire Through Another Lens |

To celebrate and remind workers of their rights, giant and impressive bonfires – kres , are lit through Slovenia on the Eve of Labor Day. It is a very social event associated with music, food as well as drink.

Dan Mrtvih – November 1st

During Dan Mrtvih Rememberance Day of the Dead, which is also the All Saint Day, Slovenians visit their beloved ones at the graveyard. The sight of all the candles during the evening is very beautiful.

Martinovanje – November 11th

A very important celebration in Slovenia, especially in the wine-producing regions, is St. Martin’s Day – Martinovanje. It is believed to be the crucial moment when the must turns into wine.

Miklavž – December 6th

One of the most awaited celebration of the year, especially for children is Miklavž Saint Nicholas Day, where gift exchanges, family gathering and parkelj – devils roam the street with Miklavž.

Božič – December 25th Novo Leto – January 1st 

Illuminated Prešeren Square in Ljubljana, December 2014

BožičChristmas and Novo LetoNew Year are also celebrated in Slovenia, although traditions and feasts are slightly different: the Potica, a Slovenian nut cake, is a must for Christmas and New Year. Towns are illuminated in beautiful Christmas lights!

Others interesting Slovenian Festivities are Prešeren DayDay of Uprising Against Occupation…

… to be continued.