Slovenian Folktales

Through time, Slovenians have pass down, from generations to generations, many interesting stories, legends and very strong traditional beliefs. Learning about them is a great way to discover Slovenia.

The Full Moon

Slovenians often make important decision depending on the phase of the moon and the Full Moon really do affect their behaviors (and is often blamed on for incidents). Believe it or not?

Miklavž’s Devils

The Devils of Saint Nicholas, known as parkelj, come visit the children on the Eve of Saint Nicholas Day – if they have been well behaved during the year, they will get rewarded but if they have been naughty, the parkelj will put them in a bag and take them away from their parents. Devils or Angels?

Ring the Bell and Climb the Stairs in Bled

Beautiful Church of the Assumption reflecting in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Ringing the bell of the beautiful Church of the Assumption on Bled Island is said to make your wish come true. Also, if a groom carries his bride up the 98 stones steps to the church on their wedding day, it is said to bring luck in their marriage. Ja or Ne?

Slovenian Wedding Traditions

Nowadays, many Slovenians live in cohabitation (živeti na koruzo) but wedding traditions remain an important part of the culture, especially when they do get married. If you plan to marry a Slovenian, knowing about them can be quite useful! 🙂

Finding love on St. Gregory’s day

Love Birds for St. Gregory's day

St. Gregory’s day is known as the Valentine’s day in Slovenia. It is said that on that day, the first bird that an unmarried sees while looking up the sky, will tell her who is to be her future husband. Believe it or not?

What brings luck in Slovenia?

Around the globe, there are many beliefs related to what brings luck. It is the same in Slovenia. The next time you encounter these three situations, you might be able to draw luck on your side!

There are many more Slovenian Folktales to tell about…

… to be continued.