Snowstorm at the End of April in Slovenia

Hello guys,

April 27th is the Day of Uprising Against the Occupation, a  public holidays in Slovenia. Taking advantage of the day off, my husband and I decided to go on a izlet – a small trip. The weather forecast for the day was rather bad in Gorenjska and in most regions, except in the Coast-Karst region. So, we decided to go at the seaside and visit the Sečovlje salt fields.

The weather at the sea was a bit windy but it was still a nice 20ºC, warm and sunny – we had a wonderful izlet. On the drive back… it was a completely different story.

We heard on the radio that there was ice and snow on the roads in Kranj (a town about 30 minutes from our home), so we tried to hurry home before too much snow accumulates on the road as we didn’t have winter tires… What a bad idea! As soon as we passed Postojna: grey clouds, light rain, rain, light snow… heavy snow with thunder!

Let’s say, I got the scare of my life. There were accidents and slow traffics as we drove downhills, luckily the roads were eventually plowed. Drivers on the other direction weren’t as lucky: without a good grip, it is practically impossible to drive uphills – many cars were left on the side, some people even got out of the car to push it…

Thanks to my husband awesome driving skills, we made it home safely after a few hours. I hope that everyone on the road also reached their destination safely. Lesson learnt: always be prepare for some extreme weather… especially at the end of April! 😛

Until next time,