Soteska Vintgar on a Cloudy Day

On a slightly cloudy day, my husband and I wanted to go on a small izlet to Bled, but once we reached our destination, the weather wasn’t as nice as we expected. So, we had a change of plan and visited the Soteska Vintgar – Vintgar Gorge, also known as the Blejski Vintgar – Bled Gorge, instead.

The natural scenery of Soteska Vintgar along the Radovna river that flows between the hills of Hom and Boršt was  first discovered in 1891 by Jakob Žumer and Benedikt Lergetporer. Security ramps, wooden bridges and narrowed passages were constructed in 1893 for the public.

The previous rain made the flow of the Radovna river strong and roaring. At the slower and calmer part of the river, the color of the water was a beautiful shade of turquoise, which reminded me of the Tolminska Korita, and surprisingly clear – especially after so much rain.

Slower Part of Radovna river

Slower Part of Radovna river

The narrow path along the Radovna river was a bit slippery with puddles of water, but it was totally worth it!

The cleverly built walking path gave an amazingly close but safe view of the different features of the Radovna river: lovely rapids, small series of waterfalls and intriguing potholes on the side. Fishes could be easily seen through the very clear water.

The beautiful set of wooden bridges that crosses above the Radovna river are called the Žumer Galleries.

The 1,6 km path leads to the fantastic 16 m drop Šum waterfalls, the highest river waterfall in Slovenia  and also the symbol of the Soteska Vintgar.

Despite the cloudy weather and occasional small droplets of rain, I really enjoyed my little outing in the Soteska Vintgar with my husband. Visit my Gallery for more photos.

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A Nice Day at Arboretum Volčji Potok

As a postponed celebration of my birthday, my husband took me out on a fotolov – photo hunting session at Arboretum Volčji Potok, one of the most visited Botanical Gardens in Slovenia.

Located near the town of Kamnik, the Arboretum is suited for everybody. The large area is great for young families with kids, the walking paths are awesome for couples, friends and seniors, and the beauty of flora is a great subject for any photographers!

The Arboretum has a surface of approximately 80 hectares with 6 “lakes” (I would define it more like ponds) and about 3,7 kilometers of walking paths.

The Colorful Tulips

April is the month of tulips – more than two millions of beautiful and colorful tulips were present at Arboretum Volčji Potok. Believe it or not, but it is said that one tulip blooms for each inhabitant of Slovenia! How cool is that!

Rows of Lovely Tulips in Arboretum Volčji Potok

Rows of Lovely Tulips in Arboretum Volčji Potok

Gracefully arranged in rows at the entrance and surrounded by manicured grass, the sight of tulips was simply enchanting. The colors were bright, vivid and absolutely lovely.

Beside the Tulips Exhibition in Arboretum Volčji Potok, there were also many other pretty blooms. The blossoms of trees were a really pleasant sight.

Children Friendly

The Arboretum Volčji Potok is also a very children friendly environment: vast and smooth grass – perfect for running, “biking” and rolling around, a dedicated playground with animation and interesting attractions for kids and a fantastic temporarily Dinosaur Exhibitions! 🙂

Statues of Dinosaurs were spread all around the Arboretum – I could see how all the adults and children were thrill and happy to touch, climb and take pictures with them.

The exhibitions in the Arboretum vary according to the seasons and special events.  We also got a 20% off the general admission fees with our Spar Discount Card! 🙂

Red and Purple Tulips in the Arboretum

Vibrant Red and Purple Tulips in the Arboretum

I had a very pleasant visit at the Arboretum Volčji Potok and I will go visit again at any given opportunity! The tulips, flowers and tree blossoms were great subjects for me to practise my photography (I still have so much to learn). Vaja dela mojstra – Practice makes perfect!

Visit my Gallery for more photos.
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Postojna Cave on Boxing Day

While some of you are attending the crazy sales on Boxing Day, I spent my day in a little differently 🙂 – since Boxing Day is not very popular in Slovenia, my husband and I opted for a nice trip, izlet, out.

The sun was bright, the sky blue, the temperature above 0ºC, every element for a wonderful day out. My husband and I weren’t sure where to go exactly, so we grabbed our copy of 52 Izletov by Nina Arlič (a gift that we got for our wedding), flipped some pages and decided to go visit the Postojna Cave.

As some of you already know, Postojna CavePostojnska Jama is the most famous cave in Slovenia and a renown  world attraction, visited by its 36 millionth visitor in 2015. Everyday, the Postojnska Jama Park is a very popular touristic spot, especially during the holidays, therefore, I strongly suggest that you reserve your tickets ahead and avoid the long waiting lines.

This was my first time visiting the Postojna Cave, I haven’t went before, mainly because of the price, 22.90€ but on Boxing Day, we used our  Spar Discount Card and got a 50% discount on the tickets. Also, you have a possibility to combine activities (Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle, Proteus Vivarium and EXPO Postojna Cave Karst) as a package. We visited the Postojna Cave and the Proteus Vivarium.

Underground Train into the Postojna Cave

The others caves that I have visited, I always had to walk in with a guide, the experience in Postojna was a bit different. Every 30 mins, a mini train brings the visitors into the main part of the cave. The ride is about 5 mins and the rail system exists since 1872.

I was pretty excited, the ride was short but at a very decent speed. While riding the mini train, be careful not to raise your arms or move your head outside the train as the path is pretty narrow and you don’t want to hurt yourself.

From the mini train, you can already admire the impressive stalagmites of the cave. You can also feel the cold temperature of the cave, around 10ºC, so dress warmly and have a good pair of shoes.

The Walk through Living Nativity Scenes

The Postojna Cave has approximately 24 km of paths, halls and tunnels. The visit of the cave, following the mini train ride, is about 90 mins.

Glimpse of a Christmas Tree inside of Postojna Cave, Slovenia

Glimpse of a Christmas Tree inside of Postojna Cave, Slovenia

For the holidays seasons, the Postojna Cave is filled with festivities and Christmas lights. When we went off the mini train,  we were greeted by a hostess and live music.

Along the path, there were living nativity scenes through the caves, making the experience even more joyful. You can see angels, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and many more. Some scene are accompanied by live singers and light shows. The  scenes are truly impressive  and enchanting.

At the end, we reached the Great Hall for the final touch of the visit, it is so huge that it can hold up to 10 000 people at the same time! Then the mini train came pick us up and brought us back outside the cave.

Proteus, the Human Fish

The most famous cave animal can be seen in aquariums during the Postojna Cave visit and in the Proteus Vivarium.

This aquatic salamander reaches around 25 to 30 cm of length, lives completely underwater and is adapted to the darkness. Its eyes are undeveloped, leaving him blind.

The proteus is also called the “human fish” because of the color of its skin.

Due to the lack of lighting in the vivarium, taking a good pictures of the Proteus was very difficult, you will have to go for yourself 😉

Wall of Old Signatures

Since the Middle Ages, the Postojna Cave has already attracted many visitors. Back then, it was normal that visitors would sign their names on the walls of the cave. The oldest signature discovered was dating from 1213! Although, it can’t be seen anymore as it has been covered by natural calcite growth.

Wall of Old Signature in Proteus Vivarium in Postojna Cave, Slovenia

Wall of Old Signature in Proteus Vivarium in Postojna Cave, Slovenia

You can see the “New” Wall of signatures in Postojna Vivarium. Those signatures are dating from 1818, when guided tour of the Postojna Cave begun.

Nowadays it is common sense that signing on the walls of the cave is strictly prohibited!

I had a wonderful Boxing Day without the buzz of doing some crazy shopping. Visiting the Postojna Cave during the Christmas holidays was totally worth it. I’ve also calmed my curiosity around proteus by seeing them myself.

Once again, happy holidays,
have some awesome quality time with your loved ones,
Anna ❤